Saturday, 7 October 2017

Moving the rig

Yesterday, Brad tells me he needs another gizmo from Lordco, he wanted to drive. The advantage to having such a small rig and hydraulic jacks is that its easy to put together and easy to take the 'stationary' apart. Which is great, we've been watching others coming and going from this campground and the setup/takedown takes quite a lot of time, except for the guy across from us - he did it in about 10 min., the rest take upwards of half an hour. We do it in about 3 or 4. The longest part being putting the blocks under the jacks and letting the rig set itself, after which one puts out the slide while the other does the connections, the Keurig comes out of the sink and we're done.

But I seem to feel unsettled when we do this, especially often. We are well aware that because we don't have a Toad, this will happen but I'd like to get to a spot, set up and walk/bike anywhere we need to go. This is what the plan was and it turns out I don't deal well with changing plans. Have to work on that in this lifestyle I know.

Off we went to Lordco, according to my iphone it is 3.4km each way. its a nice walk, the scenery is beautiful and if I had taken my phone I would have great pictures for you today, but I forgot it. Anyway, we stopped at Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee and proceeded to Lordco where we bought Brad's gizmo (I don't even remember what it was) and I got some tools and oil change gadgets. They were on sale and we will need them, so... (I am generally the fixer around here)

After arriving home, we discussed what to do about the timing of our jaunt south. When we checked in to this campground, I was advised that we could stay in this spot until Monday at which time we would have to move 'up' to the winter section. However, the winter section is monthly. We don't want to wait a month before going south. Anyway, I finally called another campground to inquire about weekly and yes, they do have weekly available.

It has been said by the weather gurus that it will rain 3 days next week, this campground is dirt/grass the new one is concrete and gravel. When you have a dog these little details make all the difference. We are booked in for Monday and I read in the reviews that they have free laundry (specific times).

We discussed the option of staying in Osoyoos for the winter and while it is an option we have decided to go south anyway, assuming this plan doesn't get Trump'd we will be crossing on the 16th. Obviously this business with the US and North Korea is concerning these days, but so was the US/Russia for so many years and the US/Taliban... 'They' make a big stink, effect the stock market and suddenly 'diplomacy' rules the day... I'm sorry but to my mind its an American thing. I don't want to get political - God knows, but if the Americans want to make a buck and we all know they do, they create conflict - its good for business. I just hope Kim doesn't alter the status quo while we're there.

On a lighter note, :P Not sure what today will bring, we have no plans. Perhaps we'll just hang out here and sit by the lake, something we have not done yet, believe it or not. On the way home yesterday, I picked up some Ginger Beef and S&S Chicken for dinner and the remains of my Italian from the other night should make for a good ol' gut bash this evening.

PS The change of campgrounds has nothing to do with yesterdays post, I'm sure I mentioned this week/month problem previously.


  1. Not having a towed, sure can be a nuisance especially when you are full-time. We don't much stay long tern in campgrounds, So don't have too many issues that way.

  2. We don't intend to stay in campgrounds either but because BC is sooo regulated, you can't sneeze without a permit around these parts, we just haven't found anything so here we sit campgrounding... not too bad really, at least until the weekend. We met some people but the wind has been strong and we're right on the water so the first day was good and the day we did the batteries (thankfully - for covering the panels) was good but its been a cool wind ever since.

    1. We are lucky with so many friends and relatives that we can visit and park there as well. Lots of options we have.


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