Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nk'mip Campground for a week

We have been on the road for a month. In all that time/travel across the country, we have only spent 4 nights in a campground (two of which were forced rest).

Arriving in Osoyoos, we stayed at the Husky truck stop while searching for somewhere to put down roots for at least a week. I searched every campground in town and found only 2 which appeared to be open this time of year, noting that in my last blog. We wrote down the addresses of those two and were going to scope them out this morning, but when we woke up we had a comment from Ray & Deb at Kastle's Journey that in fact the Nk'mip campground would be open. Since this was one campground I had wanted to stay at, I added it to our list of places to check out. Brad, however, decided we'd go there first.

They had a spot available and so we took it, well I took it. Arriving back at the rig Brad says, "you were only going to get information" Whoops... LOL

So here we will be until at least Monday at which time we can decide to move to another campground or move up to the 'winter' section as this section we are currently in will be closing mid month.

While I set up shop and prepared the place to be settled for a week, Brad took Robbie for a walk. We then decided to go and check out the adjacent Resort, where we inquired about a massage for Brad (military injury) and had lunch at Mica, a casual but snazzy restaurant in the main building, both really enjoying our meals as well as the service. 

 Vineyard and Osoyoos from the Resort

Grapes dangling


View from Mica, the Resort restaurant

Almost forgot to get a picture... there was more than this :P ..and yes, Maggie that is wine LOL - when in Rome...

Mica restaurant

The only Cacti we saw on our walk - and Brad walked into it. You can see a rattlesnake warning sign in the background.

Another waterfront campsite, not too shabby except for the crazy wind which is meant to die off later tonight.

Quite the nice little resort they have here. On the walk I also managed to locate one of the laundry facilities here in the campground, handy to know.  $ Loonies required.

Back to the rig for an afternoon siesta, the wind here at the moment is crazy, 26-41 km/h, and we spent the evening watching 'Gerald's Game', quite the movie and I don't recommend watching it before bed...


  1. Nice that you found a place to relax for a week, enjoy your time there.

  2. Even though we have not posted in a long time, we are active rv'ers! Yes, there is lots to learn...a good place is the Okanagan, Chapter 33 ( Escapee ) Rv club. Check out Escapee RV online... some of us are just preparing to head to the southern USA and Mexico, but the club has monthly lunch get togethers and twice+ yearly rallys - tons of fun. Members are varying ages and all are welcome. This will be our 8th travel year south!

    1. We'll take a look, thanks for the info. We are Escapee members but have no chapter as yet.

  3. Ya have to take those times to rest! Will you be coming south at all, or will you try to winter in the RV? We've never done that. Currently with Paddy in Louisiana.

    1. Dawn, Unless our plans get 'Trump'd', :) we'll be coming south - down to the SW, sure hope you guys are heading that way eventually, I seem to recall that Paddy said he was. Say hi for us..


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