Thursday, 26 October 2017

Solar, Laundry, Pizza & TV

This morning we realized that while our inverter was working, we were not bringing in any power to the batteries. So our day of chilling out was out the window once again. I called Discount Solar and let them know we were on our way, what the problem was and that we'd get the buzzer done at the same time. Turned out that a connector was bad on the roof, so about 45 minutes there getting that sorted and the low battery buzzer installed. 

Figured we'd go for pizza - what else do you do when its 35C?! Yes, we're odd. Off to Silly Al's where I saw this recipe on the wall, not sure it will all fit in the Instant Pot though. 

We always get a larger pizza than we need so we have lunch the next day, but we order the 'gargantuan' literally that's what its called (20") clearly we didn't give much thought to just how big that would be. So we had lunch yesterday, a snack last night, likely breakfast this morning and lunch again today. It won't all fit in the fridge, so eat it we must.

Over to the laundromat where the washer was $1.75 and the dryer was $4.50, 20 min for the washer, 25 min for the dryer. As you might expect it wasn't dry and I was mad as hell. $4.50!!!! and its not dry... how much would it cost me to get it dry? I wasn't prepared to find out.

(This is the GoodYear Blimp flying over Quartzsite today)

Back to the RV and Brad strung up some rope for me and we got the laundry out to dry. 2 hours later I checked and all but 4 pieces were done so I brought in the dry and reset the damp stuff. Actually its currently 6:30am and I just realized I didn't bring them in last night. Oops.

This was a couple of days ago, we were trying to find a GeoCache, without success unfortunately, but since I didn't get to do any GeoCaching yesterday I thought I'd throw in the pic that I have been trying. Note the hat I mentioned in a previous blog. Sexy Mama, Right?!

We also stopped at a Satellite/TV place (when I say we, I mean he), and picked this up for around $80 we were able to pick up 30+ channels. My husband it turns out is a techy guru (not), but it works so who's to argue?

Called the AZ DMV yesterday and was advised that all we need to plate a vehicle is the Title, an AZ address (slight hiccup but doable) and within 30 day have AZ insurance (specifically Arizona Insurance, why I don't know - money grab I suppose).

Called Insurance Brokers of Arizona and was assured that we could get AZ insurance, they do it all the time. Even for Canadians. Well, Okay.

Spent most of last night searching for Jeeps, hence I didn't get this blog posted last night and I was up at 4:30am thinking about the Jeep I found and want. We booked a place to stay just outside Phoenix area for Sunday, so we could spend a couple of days searching and doing the paperwork.

When messaging the guy who currently owns the Jeep I want he advised he was taking it to Tucson on Friday to show a couple who want it as a Toad! So at 4:30am I'm awake thinking we should get there before he goes and save him a trip... not to mention, get us a vehicle. Of course, this will require a couple of days of boondocking before our park reservations kick in. 

Have not discussed this with Brad yet (he, apparently can sleep), so will let you know what happens in tonight's post.

Here is a picture of the TV antennae gizmo since kelly at The Bayfield Bunch asked.


The necessary poles and whatnots were purchased seperately at one of the tents (EEZ RV Store, I think) on Kuehn St in the South West Quadrant (southside of highway 10, that is) for approx $30.