Friday, 17 November 2017

At Peace

So my Wonderful Husband was in some pain this morning after washing the RV yesterday. He was so bad he was going to go back to the place he went to the other day but after remembering her sandpaper hands figured he'd rather suffer through it than go there again. Fortunately he is feeling much better after his medication reduction but today he was dealing with his neck/back pain again but for a different reason.

I googled to see what else I could find. I always prefer place with websites simply because it gives you a better idea what your walking into.

I found one called At Peace Massage which had a 5* rating from 30 people on Google and he called to see about getting in today... she was booked but unsure if her 9:40am would show. He gave her his number just in case and we decided to wait and see what happened. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and Heather said she could fit him in at 10am. Done and he was showered and out the door before I knew it.

It is worth noting that because she hasn't paid $500 to be on a Google Search Engine her website will only show on Yelp! and Google Maps. There is also plenty of room for RV parking he tells me.

At Peace Massage Building


Heather can be reached at (775) 513-5916. One of her Massage Contracts is providing massage services to Poker tournaments in Las Vegas, NV she clearly knows what she's doing. Heather is very polite, friendly, welcoming and accommodating, she truly wants to help people who are in pain. A huge thank you to her for helping Brad today, although I have to chuckle because when he came home he was like this:

No further comment required

While Brad was away... I got to work.

I tore all the stuff out of the basement and reorganized to accommodate the Jeep windows as I have mentioned I needed to do. Our basement is now completely organized (finally, I know) and the doors are safely tucked in down there. I was able to move some memorabilia (we failed to leave at Brad's Mum's when we were there), the fishing tackle box, Xmas ornaments and life jackets to the under bed area. I also managed to create a more suitable spot to keep the towbar when we are not towing.

Remember me mentioning that the antennae pole was too big to fit below and we had to travel with it inside the RV? I went to the office to inquire if anyone might have a hacksaw and sure enough... when Bill realized Brad was not around he was either being chivalrous or he didn't want me breaking his hacksaw so he cut the pole for me in 2 places. 4 ft each. Perfect. That also fits snuggly into the basement now.

I took Robbie to the Dog Park for awhile this afternoon and then when Brad returned and was having a nap I walked over to the ClubHouse and updated my iPhone on the wifi since its been plaguing me for days to update it.

I have to get better at the picture thing I know. When we're out I mostly remember to take pictures but when I'm just hanging at home doing stuff I often forget. We had a quiet afternoon at home getting ready to head out in the morning and catch up with Vicky and Bruce. Vicky is making dinner tomorrow night - Bonus! We hear she's a great cook, so quite looking forward to that.


  1. Nice to get Brad back into shape again and your coach organized.

    1. Thanks George, I truly look forward to your comments each night. You rock!

  2. Glad things are getting straightened up for both Brad and the RV.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys, hope our paths cross sooner than later.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! It was my pleasure fixing Brad up, and if you both are ever in Pahrump again, don't hesitate to get in for another appointment at At Peace!
    Safe travels,
    Heather (the Massage Therapist)

    1. No my dear, THANK YOU! You really made a huge difference for him and if we are ever in that area we know exactly who to call!


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