Friday, 10 November 2017

Clay, Our Hero of the Day

It's moving day.... Yay!

This morning we readied ourselves to leave Quartzsite, Brad was doing the outside stuff and I had most of the inside stuff already done so I drove in to Quartzsite to see about getting our package from the USPS before we left. No such luck.. but I did run into the guy who organizes our mail. He was there picking up a parcel from 2 days ago he tells me... just as I suspected.

Well fine, I guess it will just have to be forwarded and back to the rig I go. The rig is gone.. where - Oh, he must have gone to dump the tanks I thought and sure enough, I found Brad at the water refill station. Having already dumped the tanks.

He connected Deuce (the new Jeep) to the RV for the 1st time and that went very well, but...
We had no lights on the Jeep. WTH! So we tow it over to RV Lifestyles but they were almost too busy to even talk and couldn't get us in until Tuesday. Brad says,"Let's go talk to the guys at Discount Solar, they know their stuff." That is what we did.
All tied together as one married couple...

I went in and talked to Mike who advised that Clay (the electric specialist) was tied up with a job but when he cleared up he would take a look at our toad lights. Great! Now please take note that this is not what their business is about, they are Solar guy but they really helped us out today. Great Customer Service! Thank you so much guys.

Within I'd say, 45 min Clay was there fiddling and checking and doing whatever it is Clay does and within half an hour we had lights. In the end it was a loose connection. Whew! I asked to take a picture of him for the blog.
Hero of the Day - Clay

(1:30pm) Finally able to leave Quartzsite we hit the highway (95N), we weren't even out of the town limits when an email came in advising that we had mail! So we turned around and went and picked it up. What a morning.

With that we were off, heading to places unknown and adventures beyond our wildest dreams... Otherwise known as we got out of Dodge. Unfortunately, due to the late hour of our departure from Quartzsite we knew we would not make it to our anticipated destination during daylight hours. So I went online to find out what our other options were...

Just north of Quartzsite on Hwy 95

But by 4pm we were both tired and decided to stop at the BLM land just north of Lake Havasu. Already we have spoken to 3 different RVers (one was a couple so a total of 4 people) and we weren't here 30 min. Unlike our experience further south where we spent 3 weeks without speaking to a soul. We are closer than appropriate to a neighbouring RV but I talked to her about it prior to settling in.

The Infamous Hand (left)

Sunset view out our front door, Beautiful pink sky reflecting off the other RV's.

There are not a lot of flat spots here and we're only here for the one night so she said it would be fine. Debbie her name is and their cute puppy with white eyes is Toby, but I don't remember her husband's name but I think it started with a B (I know, I'm terrible). Very nice American couple that Brad would have loved visiting with since they are both of Military backgrounds and History buffs to boot. Unfortunately, Brad wasn't feeling very well so he stayed in the RV. Hopefully in the morning he will feel better and we can all have a chin wag before we pull out.


  1. Nice that you got your towed lights working and heading to new places and new faces. have fun in your travels where ever you may go.

    1. Thanks George, We had originally intended to go to Elephant Butte but life has a way... we will catch up with you guys another time.

  2. That's where we stayed last year for a few days, like the spot. We are presently in a campground in lake Havasu, but will boondock there for four days when we leave here on our way to Bullhead City.

    1. Yes I know and I thought of you guys as we drove by. At that time we weren't intending to stop around here but when you realize your tired and there is a spot to stop... Every time we go to Lake Havasu it get's bigger and bigger. I haven't even seen the London Bridge yet and it's on my list as I'm from London originally. I know you'll both enjoy your time there and I will be reading along with you.

  3. kdsaiken@yahoo.comSat Nov 11, 10:25:00 am

    A chin wag. Huh. To our new chinchimma friend, safe travels and enjoy your next stop.I have never heard of Ken being spelled with a B. Nice meeting you all.

    1. Bken, it was great meeting you guys. Thanks for checking us out.


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