Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Home Alone

Our slide topper guy, Ron Butts from Shade Pro was here at 10am this morning. By 11am he was done, the topper end gadgets were replaced and functioning. He showed us how to alter the slope of the awning and he was off like a Bride's nightgown... to save another.

Brad had some errands to run today, I stayed home as I was on Skype helping his brother in England sort through an issue which was preventing him from following our laptop Skype, which is the one we generally keep open. Because it uses a generic Skype ID I assume he blocked it when the first request was sent. We've been trying to get it corrected since before we left the house.... now it is.

Didn't take very long. He's very astute my Brother-in-Law and he cottoned on very quickly. We had time for a short visit before he had to go.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the rv, reading my e-reader, cutting the dog's nails and preparing the vegetables for tonight's taco supper. I have also resolved where we are going but have yet to decide when. We are still waiting on a piece of mail and it was hung up in Customs, though it was released Monday, I have no idea when it will be delivered. Likely tomorrow, perhaps Friday. I'd hate to hang around for it and then it doesn't show until Friday... then we don't get to go until Saturday.....

I can have our mail forwarded so that's not a thing but to miss it by a day when we're not paying for anything here, well that just irks me. We then have to wait for it at the next spot at which we will be paying.... These are the Days of Our Lives LOL

A lot of things went into today's decision of where to go, I won't go into all of them but suffice to say I'm also not telling you where we're going. It'll be a surprise! It'll be great, you will see!

A nice relaxing day at home alone with the dog, okay so he goes crazy when one of us (especially Brad) is not home. He spent most of the day jumping from one window to another looking for him. I'm having a drink at the moment and I blame the dog LOL

Brad was home about 5:30pm and I had the tacos all ready to munch and that's what we did, before we even put the groceries he picked up away.

All through the day I think "I have to remember to put that in the blog tonight. Oh, I won't forget that it's too important." I forgot them all. Told you I have a bad memory. Incidentally, if we should come across some of you, please say something. I don't always connect the dots. There are some rigs I'll recognize, some faces I'll recognize but I can't guarantee that I will know from where/who.... It's just the way I roll, don't take it personally. I had a stroke at 32 yrs old and so my memory -which wasn't that great to begin with is, well... gone.

That stroke incidentally, is what brought us here to this lifestyle. Sure it was 16 years ago so it's been a gradual thing but I was at the top of the corporate ladder with a husband, 2 kids and a white picket fence when it happened. I've been looking at the world differently ever since. Asking why? Why do I have to slave to pay for the picket fence that ties me to my slavery? And put my life at risk in the process. It was a whole new outlook on things. Everything happens for a reason I say.

And here we are today, sitting in Quartzsite, Arizona. If you had told me we'd be here doing this just 2 years ago I wouldn't have laughed, but I wouldn't have believed it either.

Thank you all for dropping by today, I enjoy this Blog thing. It's fun. I still get excited when someone comments on something I wrote.

P.S. A special hello to Dave R. You know who you are... :)


  1. Nice to have a day at home to just putter around. Life does have a habit of changing our lifestyles, nothing like being free and enjoying life with no ties. We did that over 11 years ago.
    We have met so many people over the years unless we see them frequently Kinda need to be tuned in again, nothing personal like your said, it just is.
    Travel safe and enjoy all your exploring a new life.

  2. 32, wow! I've had cancer and all the treatments and yes, it rocks your world. But our world is better than before because we realize how precious life is and we take nothing for granted. It's like everything is in Technicolor. Plus we are still alive!!

    1. So sorry to hear you went through that Flowergirl. Yes it does make you think about things differently.


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