Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Home Work

Slow start again this morning, in fact it was after 1pm when we finally left the house (RV). I realized this morning that I didn't have the lubricant that you are supposed to put around the toilet seal so we headed to RV Superstore first. "Most people just use Vaseline" she tells me. Well! Off to Walmart we go. I got Robbie new treats (he hates the ones I picked up for him, won't even eat them. Odd), and a  special bone treat for the ride home, Vaseline, Twinkies, Pretzel somethingorothers, a lint brush for the rugs (dog hair mania) and a loaf of bread. Easy right? Nope.

Blonde roots reared up again. I'm not used to the carousel of bags they use down here so I grabbed the 2 bags closest to me which looked like they had stuff in them and off I went. Loaded them into the back of Deuce (Jeep), gave Robbie his car ride treat and we came home.

Putting everything away I realize... all I have are the dog treats and a loaf of bread. You'll recall I went to Albertson's a couple of days ago and left without my bread and buns there also. Perhaps oldtimers is catching up to me.

Off I go to Wally World again to get my stuff while Brad takes the toilet off.

He had it waiting when I returned and we quickly set about replacing the gaskets and putting it all back together.

In all it took probably 30 min and that was only because I couldn't find the right size allen key. I had watched some YouTube videos yesterday so we knew what we had to do and easy peasy, yaba daba doo it was done. Our Thetford toilet once again holds water!

Now if I can just keep my head above same I'll be doing alright.

I think I'm going to try to change my website so that I have a separate page(s) for restaurants and perhaps even services like Solar and Awnings. Separated by State/Province for ease of lookup. I have no delusions that I'm some kind of critic, absolutely not my thing but I know with my memory I won't be able to remember when we're in Kansas that ABC restaurant is the place to go or that DEF restaurant is not. Having a separate area within the blog will allow me (and by default, you) to quickly and easily find somewhere good to stop for some grub when in Maine or Texas or...

If we get hit by a sudden storm and something breaks it would be nice to have easy access to what businesses are where and how good are they. Much like Yelp! but this will be our first hand account. Piggy backing off of Yelp! and Google reviews.... I'm sure you've heard they have services  in the world today that write a lot of those reviews so this way I know its real.

I'm bringing this up because when I start fiddling anything is possible. I might erase the entire website and cause myself all kinds of grief. If this happens, please be patient while I sort it all out and remember I'm blonde so just smirk and hold on I'll be back.. Hopefully nothing major happens.

Wish me luck... and thanks for popping by.

Update: I did it! I have separate pages above that link to our personal experiences with restaurants and services. I'm a genius!!! LOL


  1. Well then good luck with your new endeavour.

    1. Morning George, I'd hardly call it an endeavor but it is set up now so I won't have to write long restaurant reviews on the blog anymore. I'm sure most people aren't interested I just didn't know how else to remind myself. Now I have it set up I won't have to bother home Chef's like yourself with blah details. Though when we were talking about where we'd been we both realized just how much we've been eating out and vow to slow it down - unlikely but worth a shot.

  2. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. It also steers you in the right direction for keeping yourself out of hot water.
    Next you'll have to make shopping lists and make certain you have everything before leaving the stores.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. HaHa. Yes, I've been making lists for years already. Once at the til you assume your good. Damn Carousel. I'll pay better attention in future. I think.


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