Monday, 6 November 2017


So this morning when we woke up we had nothing pressing other than dumping the tanks. Before we could get to that the phone rang...

Our new Jeep tires were in could we be there for 2pm? Yuppers. So we took the rig to the dump and refreshed her for whatever days we have left here. Then got her re-positioned to maximize the sun's exposure on the panels and Brad went up and tilted them for the first time.

Within a minute we went from this:

Our solar intake on a really clear sunny day before now.

 To this:
It actually hit 38.3 but I didn't catch that with the camera

Brenda and Len (Solar Guru's we met in Vernon) would be so proud! LOL

With that finished, it was time to go for the tire install at American Custom Tire & Wheel. Our pretty little yellow Jeep went from this:

With the old tires on
To this:

Yes Ladies, it does look the same. Just don't tell the Men!

We returned to the rig and Brad dropped me off to check on Robbie who we left behind today, and went off on his manly expedition to what a difference round tires made compared to round tires... I must admit though the Jeep did feel a lot smoother on the ride home. 

For dinner I made an Instant Pot recipe I found online at The Spicy Apron. This website has lots of different Instant Pot recipes. Tonight it was Mongolian Beef for us. Really good although for me it had too much Ginger so I have altered the recipe for next time. Otherwise, it was easy, quick and delicious. Tomorrow night - Asian Sesame Chicken. 

Tonight's Mongolian Beef

As I was sitting writing this blog the sunset was incredible. I ran outside and took a picture but it just does not do it justice in the way pictures always do. It was such a deep red, I don't think I've seen the sky that red before. Wow!
The Red in this sunset was so deep, like I've never seen before.

So now we have tires, you know what that means? Yup, We're going on a Jeep ride tomorrow that will make Jeepers proud :)

Sure hope I don't forget the camera......