Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jumpin' Jeepers I went Jeeping!

This morning we got up and gathered all the stuff we 'might' need for an outing in the middle of nowhere. The other day a commenter on the Blog 'Jeepers' gave me the coordinates for a 'scenic drive' and today with our new tires on from yesterday, we took it.

Here is his comment with coordinates for anyone else who wants to try this awesome route:

If you just want to go for a nice scenic drive…. Go S. on hwy 95, turn W. at Cibola rd N33° 20.4225', W114° 13.0158' go about 28 miles. When you get to N33° 25.220', W114° 36.861' you will be less than 1 mile from the Colorado river. You will start seeing little roads on you right. Pick one to get yourself over to the river. You can go N. on the road right next to the river all the way to I-10. As you drive along the river you will see many roads on the right where you will have the opportunity to go up in the hills to play on jeep trails. Have fun.

I also took a lot of pictures.

We drove to the Yuma Proving Grounds on Cibola Rd. and called in for clearance from range control and continued on through towards the mountains getting stopped a couple of times for direction on speed and what to watch for, etc. When told we had called in one guy said, "that's a rarity". This is a real beauty of a drive, probably not for 'hard-core' Jeepers but for me it was great! A perfect incremental beginning. Thank you Jeepers!

Oh boy! This looks interesting....

Call this number so we don't blow you up! Where the hell is 'Jeepers' sending us?

10mph Vibration kills LOL

Yup in the middle of Nowhere

Great views

Small caves in the side of a hill

Narrow gravel roads half of which taken up by gravel mounds on the edges

Creating a dust bowl. Even my shirt smelled of dust.

Really beautiful scenery

Gravel and rock turns to sand

Sign in Cibola, AZ showing distance to many different places, I guess a lot of people get lost and they're tired of answering the same questions... 

Came across this store in Cibola and stopped for some chips and a bathroom break.

Just down from the store this oasis in the desert. This is someone's front yard. Beautiful.

Cotton fields

This is the Colorado River. We drove onto the bridge to get a picture then backed up to continue our route on the Arizona side of the river.

Future Hoodoo's

It was around these soon-to-be Hoodoo's that we stopped and had our packed lunch.

People have carved their names on the sand walls (we did not)

Fisherman on a little boat

Brad ignored these and kept going...

End of the road. Literally. 

The road has been washed out and guys are there fixing it.

At least we tried....

Who knew? and Now what?

We drove back to the bridge and followed the road back to the I-10 West of Blythe.

California is much greener than Arizona, at least in this area.

Once home after about 7 hours of adventure, I made dinner. Again from The Spicy Apron but this time Sesame Chicken, really delicious. Tomorrow night I'm planning soft tacos.


  1. Looks like you had a nice drive. We don’t remember seeing that sign. We never made the call. I’m glad you didn’t get bombed. That would have made me feel pretty bad. I was unaware of the road being washed out but it looks like you did a good job of salvaging the day by crossing the bridge.
    If you want to do some easy, close by offroading with the jeep you can go E. on I-10 to exit 26 and then go S. There’s a good chance you will see other offroaders there. They would probably be more than happy to have you join their merry band. Enjoy.

    1. Christopher, I hardly expect you would have known about the wash out but to not read the signs? Really?! One of those signs says not to look at any lasers... glad you can still see. LOL We had a really great day, Thanks again. Unfortunately, we expect to be pulling out of here Thursday morning and the Topper guy comes tomorrow, so not likely to get out again around here. We're trying to figure out whether to go East or West at the moment. We have a plan drawn up for East but a friend wants us to go West... long story you'll probably read about eventually...

  2. Hate to ask, after the fact... Did you stop at the Cibola wildlife reserve? We have been over there a couple times and enjoy seeing all the different ducks and other shore birds.

    1. Evening Kevin, We drove past it but didn't stop as it was getting late in the day and we had no idea how long it would take us to get back given the wash out we had already experienced. But we know where it is for our next stop out this way.

  3. So many wonderful places to explore and the desert scenery is breathtaking, glad you had a good day and did not get bombed.

  4. I remember the first time through, also calling and being greeted almost as an irritant to the ladies day. Glad you had a great day exploring. You find a lot of good boon docking spots that way.

    1. We're excited to have the Jeep and look forward to making full use of it. :)

  5. We, too, pull a Jeep and love going out on day trips. So much beautiful country to explore! If you decide to ever go west from that area, we love Borrego Springs CA. The slot canyons are amazing.

    1. Thanks we have Borrego Springs on our to do list for sure.


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