Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Just Desert Rats

We had a quiet day around the RV today.

Brad drove up to Quartzsite to pick up a few things, including a black light (as suggested by a new reader in a private email), I sat out in the shade with Robbie (dog) and read.

I have attached the blacklight flashlight to our regular flashlight

Brad returned with 3 bandanas for me, which I've never worn but with the Jeep... and was telling me that he was talking to a guy about the 'snake holes' and how I wanted the black light (Scorpions and Snakes glow in the dark) to make me feel warm and fuzzy. The guy says, no problem its not snakes that make those holes, its just Desert Rats! 

Well, I can assure you that that made me feel sooooo much better LOL The Rats eat the Scorpions, The Snakes eat the Rats, The RoadRunners eat the Scorpions, Rats and Snakes and the Coyotes eat the RoadRunners (although we all know how that works out). Poor Wiley.

I cleaned the Jeep

Didn't know Brad took this until it was too late

Made supper

Boring but filling

If we remember -- big IF -- we'll have a drink or two tonight and relax.

I should just grab one now before I forget again...

Many of the people we follow are enroute to our area, some are arriving in a short time and others not until January. Doug left a comment on yesterday's blog about Escapees and their 'Boondocker' BOF group. I didn't know (or forgot) they had such a group and he sent me the newest newsletter with the dates and locations of their upcoming gatherings. 

They are in Death Valley (charming, I'm sure) this weekend and Borrego Springs in a couple of weeks. We are seriously considering joining up with them, perhaps even in Death Valley but likely in Borrego Springs for Turkey Day.

I think it will do us good to be with a social group as we haven't found any real sociability here in Quartzsite so far. While most everyone waves, I get the impression that most who are here (at least this time of year) do not want to be disturbed. Subtle social cues: the way they angle their rigs away from the road, have sunscreens hanging from their awnings, etc. While I understand there are real reasons to do these things- its just a vibe thing I guess. Call it women's intuition or just blonde, whatever works for you.

Oh, I also FINALLY got around to dealing with that drip in the bathroom. We've been looking (obviously not hard) for clear caulking for it and finally got some yesterday at RV Lifestyles here in Quartzsite. So today I undid the screws one at a time, filled said holes, re-screwed and re-caulked over the top. It was only a drip so we haven't been too uptight about it but it did need to be done. Now it is.

Our Besties (Vickie & Bruce) we met in Osoyoos just crossed the border today and are stopping in Oregon for awhile before they can head further south. Even then they don't Boondock... prissy, me thinks ;) But we're excited to see them again. Have been texting back and forth every few days just to keep in touch which has been great. We sure did enjoy our short time with them in Osoyoos and look forward to seeing them again. Whenever they can fit us in ;) No pressure guys! LOL

Brad just handed me a drink, because oh yeah, I forgot to grab one... time to relax.