Thursday, 9 November 2017

Just a woman?

Today was spent preparing for tomorrow. We waited until noon to head in to Quartzsite to do laundry so that if the mail arrived we wouldn't have to go in twice. We did what little laundry we had simply because we may have to boondock for a couple days before we are able to get into the campground which is our next destination.

With the laundry done we sauntered around Quartzsite for awhile but no mail alerts arrived so we headed back to the RV. Guess we'll just have to have it forwarded.

New house in a new area of Quartzsite, there is a door but you almost can't see it from the road.

We did manage to find an outdoor rug, roughly 10 x 12 for $35 Brad insisted on blue and although I wanted tan to match the rig at the end of the day who the hell cares, it doesn't have to be all matchy matchy... so blue it is. At least we'll be able to see where it ends.

Once back at the RV, we sat outside for awhile and then I noticed Brad's Mum who we've been playing Skype tag with had tried to call. I returned her call. Now the Canada Post website tracker loses all info about an item once it crosses the border, so I have had no idea where the package was or when it would arrive. While his Mum and I talked about the mail package she sent and it occurred to me to check the USPS website and see if the same tracking number worked on that as it did on the Canada Post website. To my utter surprise, it did.

It was delivered at 9:38 this morning. WTF?! Now I've been sketchy on this mail service we have chosen and my biggest concern was reliability. Now at 4:30pm (half an hour after the USPS closed) I find out that the package we are waiting for has been sitting there all day! I can not tell you how angry this made me. Does it change anything? No. We are still leaving in the morning. Right after we go to the USPS and pick up our mail! Now I could do that without paying a third party.... And I will be in future.

Any suggestions for a reliable mailing service which offers an AZ address? I'm all ears.

We decided since this is our last night here for awhile, we'd go out to dinner. Brad suggested Silly Al's and while I like it there and the food is good, we've been there 3 times in 3 weeks. I suggested The Stagecoach. That is where we went.

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and the food was really good. Only complaint is that there wasn't enough of the shrimp on the plate...

Chicken Noodle Soup, Homemade. Delicious.

Chef's salad for Brad

Shrimp for me.

Clean and comfortable environment at The Stagecoach.

This is the owner of The Stagecoach, Carol Callison. Apparently she's wonderful just like me!

Quite liked it here at The Stagecoach and we will definitely go again the next time we're in town. I want to try the breakfast next time.

Early to bed and early to rise as they say... long day tomorrow and a lot to do before it even starts.


  1. We don;'t do mail service any more gave it up years ago. Can't help you there gopd luck in your travels wherever you may go, and enjoy some new places and new faces. This is what this lifestyle is all about, travel safe.

    1. Thanks George, quite looking forward to the change of location. Almost.... excited! I tried to set most of our mail to email but we still have some things on the go that need to be sent via hard copy. Expensive but necessary hard copy. I should note this will only be a problem until spring. I have a long term solution in mind but need to be in Canada to make arrangements.

  2. The suspense is still building.....where they going next?
    Don't do mail either. Lucky my daughter looks after it. Anything that is important she will just scan and eMail to me. Now I think it has only been one item in the last 5 years. Guess not too many important things in my life.

  3. I know where you're going!! You're coming back to Canada 'cause you miss us all so much :D ;)

    Kidding of course (well, not the part about you missing us so much lol) ... but are looking forward to seeing where you're headed!


    1. HaHaHa, not quite that far I'm afraid but we do miss you guys... perhaps you need a holiday soon?...

  4. We are still new at this rv'ing thing but have decided not to worry about mail either. Most things come by email, anything important, and the rest is forwarded to my sister over the winter. She notifies and scans any necessary to us. Good luck in your decision and safe travels.

    1. We have that arrangement with Brad’s Mum but needed an AZ addy to plate the Jeep.

  5. We also don’t do mail. I have our mail forwarded about three times during the winter to a friend, reliable to open anything important looking - there is hardly any mail anyway and the spring tax slips can wait! We have bought and sold property ‘on the road’ - things can be done by fax, by Docusign, ... all do able. Cheers

    1. We wouldn’t need it either except we were told by DOT that our vehicle insurance in AZ required an AZ address... until we correct the issue in spring, it is an issue.


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