Thursday, 23 November 2017

Leave it to Vicky

So we had a plan. The Vickster (Vicky) tells us that their is a trail just outside the park that is éasy'... never listen to Vicky!!!

Now remember that I have an inner ear issue that makes being lopsided freaky to me and I sure as hell don't like dead drops off the side of cliffs - or mountains!

They took Gus (Dog) along with them today while we left Robbie back at the rig in the AC as it was a scorcher again today and just didn't think it was fair to subject our black dog to several hours in the direct sun.

We met at the gate...

Bruce, Vickie and Gus (in doggie shades)
Ready to Rumble...


Beautiful scenery

You can barely make out Vicky & Bruce in their Jeep

Ours is in the rear

Stopped to make sure I wasn't gonna chicken out I think

The guys putting Oh Shoot handles on for me

Vicky leading the way and kicking up dust

Sharp corner, I couldn't even look

Getting higher

Can just see them on the road ahead


Stopped for lunch after 2 hours

Nice view from up here

Vicky kept leaving her door open and the dinger going... ding ding ding....

Who takes Hummus on a trail ride? Vicky!

Heading toward this Ranger tower


Made it to the Ranger tower

Lots of Observatories in the hills

Two rockin' Jeeps

The best Jeep ;)

6410 feet above sea level

She's a wild one alright.

Making our way back down

Palomar Divide something or other Trail

After 5 hours, this is our route. It was a complete circle but I didn't start the record thingy until lunch (2 hours into the trip)

I was sure every time we rounded a hill that the top was just around the corner only to be met with another hill around that one.. I eventually stopped looking for the top... Incidentally, apparently we started at 700 ft... 

Here are some pictures that Bruce took. If you look real hard you can see our Jeep in them somewhere..

Oh, and that éasy' trail.... was a Moderate!!! The Vickster is definitely on my list for that little fib! It was a great day in the hills and after we returned to the resort and showered we all headed out for a bite to eat (gotta stop doing that) and then spent a couple of hours at their site relaxing over coffee...

What an amazing fun-filled day! Hope I don't have to do that again for a few days.... whew!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day making good use of your jeep.

    1. It was great! I was quite scared at first but I got used to it as we went. Not that I would want to drive along a cliff often..

  2. That Vickie looks awesome! And what a cute dog! Xoxo VW


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