Saturday, 4 November 2017

Lunch in Parker then off to The Bar

This morning 'Jeepers' commented about The Desert Bar, it was something I had seen and wanted to check out but I honestly didn't realize it was so close... Once we were sorted, off we went. I didn't tell Brad where we were going, only that 'It'll be great, you will see!!!"

And we made a video, mostly for his brother but also for you. It is uploading to YouTube as I type this and I will embed it below.

We stopped in Parker for what we hoped would be breakfast and I searched Yelp! as I said I would do more often... Bigfoot Bulldogs Diner... Sounds intriguing, let's go!

Well, let me tell you.... THIS place puts all others to shame. The service here was phenomenal, friendly and the atmosphere was like being at a friends for dinner. The breakfast as it turns out stops at 11am so we ordered burgers. Calling them burgers is like an insult to a cow. They were so juicy - not drip all over you juicy but just perfectly juicy, the fries are cut in-house and the ranch dressing is the best I think I've ever had. And that's saying something. Definitely the best meal we've had since.... we'll probably Nk'mip Resort in Osoyoos, BC. Other than my cooking, of course - right dear?!!

So impressed with this little diner which has only been open since June 1st in Parker. The guy is a former construction worker who obviously appreciates good food and good service because it was immaculate. Everything. We will be stopping there every time we are in Parker, I can guarantee that.

A simple burger? Really?!

Brad was hoping I wouldn't be able to finish mine, he wasn't so lucky!

Absolutely the best burger going!

The owner gave us a complimentary sample of their 'Chicken Fried Steak' 

Great place to eat, any time of the day/night.

5 Stars to Bigfoot Bulldogs Diner. Named after the owner's dog. I missed the details of the naming as he was telling Brad and I didn't catch the whole of it. Obviously they are still getting all the details worked out like menu's etc. but the ordering is done by computer at the table. Nice touch.

After Bulldogs we went further north to The Desert Bar. What a place that was! Really fantastic the way he (Ken I believe the owner's name is) has set it up. All built apparently from what I read from donated stuff. Amazing. Completely runs on Solar as you'd expect in the middle of nowhere Arizona and they have running water too.

Great little bar in the middle of nowhere Arizona

Yes, they serve food as well.

Still got it, don't know what it is... but I still got it ;)

The Desert Bar is only open Saturday and Sunday October to April from Noon to 6pm. Quite the wild ride getting there but well worth it, especially for a group. They have special holiday hours also so check the link above for those details.

Brad was pleasantly surprised by this outing, he thought I was taking him into the boonies to go Geocaching or something. The added bonus was he got to go Jeeping to get there, and I went too.

We had an absolutely phenomenal day today! Really feeling exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time. Shall sleep like babes in arms tonight!

Below is the video we made of our day:


  1. Jeepers, Thanks for the idea!!!

    Anyone else got any suggestions? Please, leave them here in the comment section.

  2. I'm glad that you had a good time. It looked like a beautiful day (we're still in the Midwest).
    Now, if you're ready to have some fun with your jeep this road N33° 43.697', W113° 17.680' will take you to the highest point in SW Arizona N33° 48.723', W113° 20.811' Harquahala Peak
    We were up there a few years ago. The road is about 10 miles long and gets progressively worse as it goes. But don't give up. It is definitely doable in your jeep. When we were up there, somebody was up there in a full size chevy truck with a stretch cab. You can see forever up there. It was a bit hazy. We were told the best time to reduce the haze is after a rain but who knows when that is going to be. Have fun. Christopher

    1. Okay Jeepers, I'll look at your co-ords in the morning but I have a feeling your trying to push my envelope from your description...

    2. It’s been a few years since we were there. I probably shouldn’t have said progressively worse. The road starts out real nice and I just wanted to let you know that there will be some rough spots that you will travel through.

    3. Thanks Christopher, I did research it and it is on our list of things to do but not until we are better prepared and have the new tires on. I read that the road is rougher towards the top but the lower is relatively graded... We'll keep it in mind as I'd love to try it if for no other reason than to say I did. :)

    4. If you just want to go for a nice scenic drive…. Go S. on hwy 95, turn W. at Cibola rd N33° 20.4225', W114° 13.0158' go about 28 miles. When you get to N33° 25.220', W114° 36.861' you will be less than 1 mile from the Colorado river. You will start seeing little roads on you right. Pick one to get yourself over to the river. You can go N. on the road right next to the river all the way to I-10. As you drive along the river you will see many roads on the right where you will have the opportunity to go up in the hills to play on jeep trails. Have fun.

    5. Thanks Christopher, looks like a long drive, Brad is looking at it so maybe we'll get out there today.

  3. The desert bar is a fun place we were there a few years ago and it was packed, great music and good food, glad that you went there.

    1. Morning George, Yes it's a great place. We were too full by the time we got there so didn't try the food. Had such a good time though, highly recommend to anyone who hasn't been.

  4. I saw that Bigfoot Bulldogs Diner when we were in Parker last week, I wish we had stopped ... and the Desert Bar sounds interesting as well!

  5. You will love Jeepers suggestion. Last year when we were there we were unable to make it to the very top with the Jeeps. If you come from Aquila, you will see the Eagle Eye.
    If you want to see wild burros, cross the Parker Dam from the Arizona side. On the California side driving back to Parker there will be all kinds of them. More closer to the dam.

    1. I'm a little worried about doing that mountain as we're not prepared yet for emergencies and the new tires aren't due until Wednesday. But I did look at it and it looks like something I could do given the road is relatively maintained. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to tipping, but... I'd be willing to give it a try.

  6. I wanted to check this out on my next Q visit.

    1. Thanks David, That's pretty cool. We'll go check that out tomorrow!


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