Sunday, 19 November 2017

Moving & Friends

Yesterday was moving day, we left Pair-a-Dice RV Resort in Pahrump and headed to Temecula, CA.

Pair-a-Dice was a nice enough place, an SKP Co-op, they had a pool table, ping pong table, plenty of card tables, sitting chairs, wifi in the ClubHouse, RV Wash bay, Oil Change bay and 2 Dog Parks. It was quiet and generaly friendly.

The drive here was uneventful thankfully and the scenery was phenomenal, it was really nice to see some green and trees for a change since being in the desert so long.

Multi-layers of mountains barely visible in the (smog?)

All the multi-layers of mountains didn't show up well in the pictures


San Bernadino in the distance

We arrived at our new RV Park and managed to get set up just as darkness was falling, then off to see our friends Vickie & Bruce. They picked us up in their Golf Cart and Vickie was going to drive us to their place - when she couldn't find the lights or how to turn the damn thing on... we almost walked, but instead had a nice relaxing ride over some speed bumps that almost knocked us off the back of the cart, it was great! LOL

Lights wrapping the Palm Trees made a beautiful sight

We had a great visit and a fabulous meal that Vickie had made. I have some dietary restrictions and she was panicking about it but everything was fantastic. Roast Chicken and Lemon Roasted Potatoes, she was going to make a salad but I can't eat lettuce so she didn't. She also put on an appetizer spread when we first arrived and that was really good too, even the Gluten-free bread and faux hummus stuff (I've no  idea what it was) were delicious. Thank you Vickie. (perhaps she will Anonymously let us know what that hummus stuff was in the comments below)

We were so hungry I almost forgot the pics

We got to meet their friends George and Andy, I didn't take pictures of them because frankly we were enjoying their company and I forgot. Will ask them today, if we see them (I always ask first). They were a lot of fun and seem like people we'd really have a blast spending time with. (Bruce drove us back- just sayin'')

It was a great night and we really appreciated all the effort that went into making our first night here a fun and filling one!


  1. It’s made by The Cultured Kitchen and it’s dairy, soy and gluten free...Smokey chedda cashew reserve...
    Let’s get Jeepin’

  2. Nice to meet up with new friends and enjoy their company , We usually do about 4-5 months in the desert, then heading east the green gras and trees is a real treat.

    1. Its surprising to me how being without greenery is so noticeable once you return to it. Didn't really notice that it wasn't around but once it was it was like WOW.

  3. We come down from all the trees and greenery of Vancouver Island to the desert ,and enjoy change of scenery in the desert ,every where you look , you can see for miles! When we head home after a few months of the desert life , the gradual change to trees is a welcome sight!

    1. I can appreciate why. Its a much welcome change of scenery. A change is as good as a rest, as they say.

  4. We have stayed at Rancho California near Temecula and loved our time there. You can get great rates on beautiful sites if you contact the owner directly. Enjoy your time in the Temecula area, there sure is lot's to do, and the drive over the hill into Palm Desert is worth it but don't take your RV as it is very twisty.

    1. I have heard about that road you refer to, it must be bad we've only been here 2 days!


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