Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Old Town Temecula

Vicky came by this morning for a visit, we had a cup of coffee and sat outside for awhile. Afterwards it was off to Old Town we went.

Old Town Temecula, CA is such a cute 'neighbourhood' I guess you'd call it, wooden sidewalks and old buildings like an old Western movie.

My guys

Robbie's shadow on the boardwalk

Est. 1859


I hope I don't wake up to be 6 yrs old in the morning
(reference to the movie 'Big')

Charming fellow Zoltar is

I assume to be a fake water tower attached to building

Western style store, they sold everything old in here...

Stopped at 'Jack in the Box' for a burger

We enjoyed it

Back to our park we thought we'd have a round of mini golf

He beat me by 1 point! 

We spent a quiet evening both inside and outside the RV just relaxing and preparing to move to our new spot tomorrow.


  1. Love exploring new places, and the old west just feels so good. Travel safe.


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