Thursday, 30 November 2017

Palm Springs

Woke up yesterday and decided to go to Palm Springs for the day. Yes, it's a hard life but we continue to struggle through it every day LOL

Its a beautiful drive through the mountains along Hwy 74, the road is very windy on S.R. 371 and then you hit the switchbacks of Hwy 74 allowing you to descend to Palm Springs, I had heard it recommended that you don't drive your RV along this route and I can tell you there is good reason for that.

If you look closely you can see the switchback roads in the above picture, not for the faint of heart.

Although we did see a guy pulling a small trailer up the hills, I wouldn't recommend it. There was even a spot where someone had smashed into a rare barricade. It's a long way down and most of it has no guard so my personal advise is to listen to the advise and go the long way around with your RV.

Palm Springs area (we went to Palm Desert) including Palm Desert, Cathedral City, La Quinta to name a few is very lush and green. While it was beautiful I couldn't help but remember a comment a while back from someone who said it was all a ruse, not unlike the lips and cheek bones I guess, While I didn't notice these things Brad said he saw a few women with duck lips. The area was really beautiful though and I took a bazillion pictures so I'm only posting a few here.

Brad at Costco looking for a bottle of Port, he chose one and grabbed 2 bottles for the winter, we'll see how long they last...

Stopped at Denny's for lunch, not worth writing about.

The hills we came down through the switchbacks can be seen in the distance

As it was 2pm we decided to start making our way home, it's only an hours drive but our Jeep is a 4 cylinder and we weren't sure it would handle the switchbacks well but it did.

The hills are a jumble of rocks. Not 'mountains of solid rock' as we're used to, these were literally just massive piles of rubble. Very cool.

Enjoyed a relaxing night in our backyard and Brad took Robbie for a very very long walk, I was starting to worry but then there they were, completely worn out.

Today is Propane day, we made it - Yay! No idea what time they will show up so I best get myself beautified. Brad is going for yet another massage today... and he will need to go to Walmart to exchange the water filter I bought the other day as this one doesn't have a gasket in it. I knew something was wrong because I couldn't get the bloody thing to seal and even had Bruce come by and take a look at it - this is how I know it is missing the gasket. Thankfully I still have the box and the receipt.


  1. So much to see there the walk of stars in Palm Springs, the lift up the mountain and of course Joshua Tree National park.
    That road up and down the mountain sure is not one I enjoyed driving our car. But definitely no rv should be doing it.

    1. We just drove in quickly to get some things and had a short look around. We'll definitely go back there. That road is very scary even in a car for sure.

  2. There are some easy hikes along the drive you took as well as some easy off road driving trails in Joshua Tree NP. Definitely worth another day trip or two.

    1. We'll be going back for sure but I think we'll likely hit Borrego Springs first.

    2. Love the area around Borrego Springs.

    3. We're looking forward to seeing it we've heard so much about it.


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