Friday, 3 November 2017

Relaxed and Rambling

Well today was actually a relaxing day. Brad took the Jeep to some trails and I cleaned house while he was gone. He took some pictures of his little jaunt for me to use in tonight's blog. Wasn't that nice of him?

I got a notification that we had our first mail delivery waiting. So while Brad worked on the roof again I drove into Quartzsite and picked up the mail. The Presto MyJo arrived along with our vehicle insurance paperwork.

We've been using it all day today, you can see the old Keurig behind... on its way out the door :) This Presto MyJo works great, such a simple concept and uses zero percent of our batteries. As opposed to the Keurig which used 3% every time we used it... 3% x 8/day = anybody?.... see where our problem was?! I think this gizmo will be our saving grace. I have no affiliation with this product or company but for $14 on Amazon it sure is better than more panels and an upgraded controller!

After having a shower to remove all evidence (there was a lot of it) of his roof duties, Brad made supper. Yup, he's a keeper. Don't tell him I said that, I like to keep him on his toes ;)

We've been looking today at places to visit, The Biodome 2 is high on my list and just the other side of Phoenix, also read a review by Wheelin' it and while I really like the look of Elephant Butte Lake State Park, I haven't had a chance to show it to Brad yet. We are in no rush to find somewhere to go since we are here until Thursday at least.

The Slide Topper guy is coming Wednesday, we are expecting our mail from home to arrive Wednesday and the tires for the Jeep are due in Wednesday... so we're here until Thursday for sure. 

The weather has been cooler (25C, 77F) making it much more bearable for us, actually with the wind today I found it a bit cool outside so I spent most of the day inside. Much to the disappointment of my readers I'm sure but the house needed cleaning and I actually reorganized a bunch of stuff and created some storage space in the kitchen/dining area and have a bag of stuff for goodwill which I will be adding to before I take another lot over to them.

Our friends tell us its snowing in Oregon... teehee. Guess that's what happens when you wait until November to cross guys. Should have come down with us.

Also, when posting yesterdays blog about the roof patches I @'d woodysrvworld to the twitter post it sends out in case they might have something to say about it and for the 1st time, they didn't 'like' my post. Figures.

Thoughts about this blog:

Sometimes this blog feels more like a diary, I feel like I should be writing about great adventures or doing major product reviews but honestly that just isn't my thing. What I write about is the day to day RV Life for a newbie... well, until we're not so newbie that's what it'll be... We're trying to figure out the RV systems, how to adjust our lifestyle to accommodate said systems both original and added (like the solar). If (when) we have a black tank incident I'll write about how that should or shouldn't be done but in the meantime we're just trying to figure out the regular daily stuff.

Cooking without heating the RV on a 41C/105F day is quite a trick. I have an Instant Pot but I find it uses A LOT of power (80+Amps) which to me is a lot but everyone said what little power it uses which is why I bought it... perhaps it was because of what I was doing with it that day, I don't know. I have it and rest assured I'll use it so I will let you know how the power consumption goes with that. 

Most of the people I follow on YouTube are young with/without families they are still supporting, we are in the fortunate position of not having to 'make money on the road' which is kind of a 'go to' topic these days it seems. 

So if I recommend a place/product it will be solely because I have been there and/or used it and found it to be something that others may also find helpful/useful.

If we come across crap I will let you know that too so you don't have to waste your hard earned 'on the road' money and can buy the kids new shoes instead -or an iPad, as you see fit LOL

The other thing that's been on my mind is videos. Now I'm a person who's brain tells me that 'vanity is a sin', not that our family were strong church types but I have great difficulty taking 'selfies'... videos?! Whaaaa?! As much as I will be trying, because Brad's oldest brother born and raised in England can't really wrap his mind around where we are and what its like when we try to explain it to him.

England is about 2/3 the size of Saskatchewan (1 million people), so the size of Canada is simply something that I've found the English can't relate to as they have no frame of reference for such a vast space. With only 30 million people in it? Whaaaa? Imagine Saskatchewan with 54 million people which is the 2017 estimated population of England... So I'd like to do some videos for him, on the other hand he doesn't regularly read the blog, would videos make it easier for him to follow or would he not watch those either?  In fact, the only family member who does read the blog is Brad's Mum (Thank you for that).

Because the original point to the blog was so that family/friends could follow along on our journey, I often thought why the hell am I doing it if no one even reads it but by that time we actually had some followers, regular commenters, etc. and we appreciate all of you. It somehow gives us the gumption to go out and do stuff most days (Thank you for that).

Al/Kelly at The Bayfield Bunch have written about us a couple of times and we have had quite a boost in readership the last few weeks which has been great and I'm really enjoying getting comments from many more people. Longtimers like Flowergirl and George (who also both came from Kelly/Al I believe) will always have a special place in my heart - never forget your roots! They have really helped us get through some questionable times on this journey of ours. (THANK YOU FOR THAT).

I'm really enjoying this blog writing business and look forward to enlightening you more on our ignorance and complete and utter goof ups. It will be fun, you will see!!!