Thursday, 23 November 2017

Settled in at Aguanga

I missed posting last night and once again I blame Vicky ;)

Yesterday we moved the rig to our new site in Aguanga, it's a beautiful park and we are really looking forward to spending Christmas here. Already people are putting up their Christmas decorations and the park appears to be putting strings of lights around more and more palm trees. I think its will be a magical place at Christmas.

Brad. Relaxed.

Our site.

Nicely shaded.

Lady Muck

Robbie likes it here.

Robbie running at the Dog Park

Massive boulders

Can't be the Easter Bunny, surely.

Once again I forgot to take something out for dinner so off we went...

Our kitchen for the next month... more if I have anything to say about it...

Solar lights light up the shrubbery at night.

After we returned from dinner Vicky and Bruce stopped over and we all sat outside enjoying a nice quiet evening and a few drinks... hence why I didn't get a post done last night. See, it's all Vicky's fault LOL

Yes, I think I like this place. We (it was his idea) drove around looking at the sites that are for sale here... certainly holds potential but I know it can be complicated so we will have to make a lot more inquiries. Definitely have our eye on at least one site. Not sure if I want to buy but if the price is right and the complications few....


  1. Enjoy your time there and have too much fun, hope it works out for you. Our first few years we tried stay in one place for a month. Even as nice as it was, we wanted to get out and see more new places. That hitch itch was always there, wanna see new places and new faces.
    Everyone has their own priorities. Sounds like Vicky is getting you in trouble. LOL..

    1. Well, Vicky is awesome but yes she is a handful!

  2. What a beautiful place. Love the nice outdoor living room. I would spend a lot of time out there.

    1. We've spent all our time out here (I'm outside writing this now) when we are 'home' which hasn't been often so far.

  3. Wow so much nicer than the desert in Q, although it has it's plus's as well. I am envious of your outdoor kitchen!

    1. When you have a small rig this outdoor area is a complete and utter bonus!!!


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