Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tecopa and ChatThai

Before I get to this evening's dinner meal...

Let me tell you about our day...

We had a slow start today, no surprise there. We like to have a coffee and do our online routines in the morning without rushing ourselves. After that it's time to beautify (takes him much longer, naturally), then we're out the door.

Today our plan was to go to Tecopa Hot Springs hoping it would provide a little more relief for Brad. After driving through the hills behind Pahrump, NV we entered into California.

When we reached Tecopa I must say I was surprised. I guess living in Banff gave me a completely different image of what this place would be, I don't know why... but I was expecting it to be more developed. Instead it is pretty typical of what we've seen in the U.S. thus far, not much but dirt. Perhaps this sounds snooty or ignorant, I don't mean it that way it's just that I always had an image of the U.S (TV influence I suppose) and so far we haven't seen anything like that. Because of the Hot Springs being such a well known place, I guess I assumed. We all know how that goes...

The people of Tecopa obviously have a sense of humour

When we arrived, I realized that one of us would have to wait outside with Robbie. Obviously Brad went in and I waiting in the car with the dog.

Apparently you are not allowed to wear clothes in this Hot Springs. I saw no information about this online, so I'm glad I didn't get to go in. There were also a lot of foreign tourists there and while Brad doesn't give a damn, I would not have been comfortable. The Men go into one area and the Women another at least.

They advise no more than 10 min, which he found very relaxing. So that made the whole day worth it. $8 per person per day admission to the springs.

We then decided to head towards Furnace Creek but I didn't bring any information with me - or a map for that matter -  and we lost cell coverage. No service. No Google. No Map. Fortunately, I had not 'closed' Google Maps on my phone and so was able to still follow our route and see where the roads were. Not that it was complicated and I think we certainly could have found our way back to Pahrump, it gave me some peace knowing that the map was still there.

We didn't make it to Furnace Creek but got as far as Death Valley Junction. Again, nothing there really, just some old run down buildings some of which may/may not still be in operation... but I'd be inclined to think they may not. The Opera House had a padlock on the door, and there was a guy there taking what I think was Time-lapse photos of the shadows creeping across the outside wall of the building. That was cool, he seemed pretty intense in what he was doing so I didn't approach him to inquire, just made sure to stay out of the light.

We took a little off-road road that lead off the highway on our way home, only about a mile or so and stayed within sight of the highway just in case. We are accumulating some 'emergency' essentials but we are not there yet, and as we were out there by ourselves we didn't go too Rogue.

Once we got home we stopped at the Park office to see if our package had arrived with the Jeep mesh cover, it had. Makes the Jeep look pretty 'tough' which Brad likes, and I guess I do too. It does look good I think. We had some trouble getting it on because we had to put it overtop of the existing 'enclosure' as we have nowhere to store it otherwise. We did manage to get it on eventually, not that difficult just required some exertion.

My girlfriend Vicky (I'm mentioned her before) had suggested a Thai restaurant when she heard we were heading to Pahrump, NV. This morning I looked it up. ChatThai. The website is clearly professionally done, and looks pretty swanky honestly. The website gave me the impression that you had to make a reservation to get in. Not particularly our style but Brad has had the sniffles the last day or two and with everything else he's been dealing with, I figured a good spicy meal would help. I called and Jen said you didn't need to make a reservation but you could (I guess for large groups). I made a reservation for 5:30pm. 

Then remembered our toilet (Thetford) is not holding water and I had meant to call the local RV Superstore. I dropped everything and called to see if they had the required gaskets so I can fix it. They did, so at 4:30pm I flew over there to grab it ($20). Making it back just in time to head over for our dinner reservation.

Gordon Ramsay, Who?...

The ChatThai is a quiet, comfortable little hideaway located in a strip mall along the main road in Pahrump, NV.  When we arrived, we didn't think to mention we had a reservation since we almost never make reservations. During the meal the owner asked the waitress about the reservation and they decided to take the table 'down'... I didn't realize at first, but after a few seconds realized that WE were that reservation. I let her know that we were the reservation and apologized for creating extra work for her.

We ordered fresh Spring Rolls, Yom Tom soup, Drunk Pan Fried Noodles with Beef and Green Curry with Jasmine Rice. Other menu items may be found here.

How this guy is still operating in a little tucked away bistro is beyond me. His food is phenomenal, the best meal I have ever had. Bar None. Literally. He would give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

We watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay and he always talks about the flavours and that you can taste all the different flavour and they all blend together so well. I never understood what the hell he was talking about. Honestly, I'm not a foodie. We just like to eat out a lot.

Now I know what Gordon is talking about. The food at ChatThai is an experience that I highly recommend. I don't know the Owner/Chef  (who's name is Chat I learned while writing this) and in fact, did not even speak to him today, though I should have and regret not having done so now. As always, we have received nothing for this review.

I can't express to you the quality of his flavours, it is simply Elegant. That is the only way I can explain it and I know it doesn't explain anything but that is literally the word I felt on my tongue as I ate. Elegant. The environment is very warm and welcoming, there was quiet oriental music playing in the background that really added to the ambiance beautifully. The Waitress this evening was Jen and she was fantastic, very professional and thorough. I have dietary requirements and she was very helpful with how our order would fit my personal needs.

This will be our only stop in any future Pahrump visits. I think I somehow turned a corner today after experiencing this food and I am grateful for it.


  1. You were so close to Dante's View and Death Valley today, hope you take the time to go back and see them also the China Date Farm.

    1. Well we hope to get over there, we just started out far too late today unfortunately, and without a map... best not to go too deep I thought. I would like to check out the infamous Date Farm but unless its Frozen Yogourt the Date Shake is out for me.

  2. There is an app called Copilot GPS that you don't need data to use, just your GPS. You might look into it and see if it fits your needs. We paid the $10 one time fee to have voice guided directions.

    1. Thanks, I looked into it and the reviews I read say it has 'navigational issues'. I think I'll stick to a paper map for emergencies.

  3. Nice to get out and about, there is some nice hot springs at the BLM in Holtville California. Not many fancy places out here in the desert, just the beauty of nature and ghost towns of the past.
    Enjoy Death Valley and the hidden gem of the China Date farm.

    1. Really want to get to the Date Farm. Today is an RV day but we're here until Saturday so still plenty of time.

  4. If you know in advance where you might be heading there is someway to download the map to your phone so when you lose coverage it will still be there. check the settings on google maps, I think it is in there. If you go back heads up on Furnace Creek area, lots of construction where the store/restaurant area was. they have been torn down and being rebuilt. just a hole there now. road is ok, just the restaurant area is tore up. We had friends just left there 3 days ago. You should go back if you get a chance. If you want to dry camp closer I can send you info on a closed up old campground area that you can park your rig at. Not sure if there is cell service there tho. let me know. Doug

    1. Thanks Doug but we're comfortable here for now and heading South on Saturday. I'll look at the offline option for Google Maps, I'm aware its a thing but never needed it before so haven't bothered. I will now. Could you keep me posted on the whereabout of the Boondocking BOF as we'd like to catch up to them at some point. Just not sure when exactly. Thanks. PS Pretty sure you were the BOF guy but let me know if I'm wrong.

    2. Yes, I will let you know where they are going to be. Next week is Borrego Springs for thanksgiving. they really put on a feast. everyone contributes something for the ham and turkey and brings a item to share. usually 30 to 40 people there for the event. they are there for 2 weeks or so.

    3. Thanks Doug, We met a guy (Bob) who is part of that group here where we're staying yesterday. Nice guy, look forward to meeting more next week in Borrego Springs.

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    1. We are quite familiar with water issues. My husband has a long history of fighting water battles. I thought Corporations were run by people who require water to survive themselves! Unbelievable what is happening in this world. This is all I have to say on this subject.


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