Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blow out the coat

So Robbie is a fur bag. Our vet told us we should 'blow out the coat'. We had no idea what that was but I Googled it and... there it was. They are able to literally blow out the undercoat. With the amount of hair I contend with every day in this small space, I'm all about it.

I've been watching every where we go to see if I can find a groomer that offers this service and have had little luck. Yesterday I was able to get him booked in for today at 2pm!!! I for one am extremely excited at the concept of removing this undercoat and if he had any idea I'm sure Robbie would be all about it too.

Brad went for a massage yesterday and Bruce came to pick me up for a visit over there. My iPhone needs to be backed up so after a quick visit over there Vickie drove me over to the Clubhouse where the wifi is so I could update the damnable thing. Unable to access the building I decided to walk the rest of the way home and just as I was approaching the guy also pulled up to look at the sail (shade cover) in the backyard of this site.

It has been flailing in the wind since we got here and we notified the office immediately, when the woman came by to look at it last week it let go even more. They sent the guy around to take a look. Fortunately the timing worked out that I was just returning at the same time. The Santa Ana winds were expected this week and I was concerned because we were not able to close the sail and the winds would have destroyed it.

Unable to fix it, he did manage to get it to close at least so it will be better protected from these winds. We've never experienced the Santa Ana winds before and its certainly not what I expected. At least not so far. Its more like a strong breeze, not the gusty powerful winds we are used to. It is however doing some real damage NorthWest of us on the other side of Los Angeles where there is a fire raging.

Today we are off to the groomer and I will take before and after pictures, not that I think it will be a visible difference but to get rid of most of the undercoat would be a great blessing to us all! Wish us luck.


  1. We do get some interesting weather here in the southwest. Batten down the hatches and wait it out. Good luck with the groomer.

    1. Thanks, we have the 'backyard' all tied down. At least it isn't a cold wind so that's nice.

  2. Apple has had huge problems with update. Check online and see if you should wait a few days until it's straightened out. I'm Android so I didn't listen to details.

  3. Never heard of blowing out the undercoat, looking for ward to the before and after photos.


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