Friday, 15 December 2017

Brad went Xmas shopping

Brad went shopping today, for my Xmas presents...

I stayed home with Robbie and did some cleaning including the lot. There were a fair number of leaves collected in the backyard furniture and its been driving me mental for awhile now. So, today I grabbed the broom and went at it.

Robbie and I spent an hour suntanning in the yard while I read my book and when it just got too hot we came back inside and cranked the AC on. Shortly after, Brad called to say he was taking a break. Apparently he went to Promenade Temecula Mall where we had seen a Macy's store.

After reading for another hour or so, I decided Robbie and I should have a nap. Since we were expecting Brad home any minute I didn't worry about sleeping too long. When I woke up around 3:30 and he still wasn't home I tried to call but he didn't answer. Figuring he might be driving home I thought I'd wait a while before panicking.

Within a few minutes he drove up. With tales of shopping woes in a massive mall, he was exhausted. He quickly hid the gifts in the bedroom while I waited outside and then tucked himself away to wrap them. The dash is really filling up now.

He has a radio interview tonight (tied to his own blog) so after a horrendous supper made by yours truly, he was clearly winding down so he went for a short nap. I need to wake him now or he won't sleep tonight..


  1. Sounds like a restful day except for the Christmas shopping part, glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Quite enjoying being in this park, as newbies finding the next spot was just too stressful and rushed. Finding this relaxing - at least for right now.

  2. Mornin'...what RV resort are you guys staying at there in Temecula?
    We'll be blowin' through that area in March and looking for a nice place for a few weeks. We are looking at JOJOba Hills there too. Enjoy your gifts!!

    1. We are in Rancho RV Resort, just about the equivalent of 2 blocks from Jojo. Almost went to Jojo ourselves but its 55+ and we're not... This park, for the price is phenomenal. $600 - $850/mo and it has everything including daily garbage pick up, weight room, activities, 5 pools and 5 whirlpools, 3 laundry rooms... just everything and its absolutely beautiful. We will likely still be here early March so look us up.

  3. I can hardly wait to see what he got me!!!! Hahahaha!


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