Friday, 15 December 2017

Brad went Xmas shopping

Brad went shopping today, for my Xmas presents...

I stayed home with Robbie and did some cleaning including the lot. There were a fair number of leaves collected in the backyard furniture and its been driving me mental for awhile now. So, today I grabbed the broom and went at it.

Robbie and I spent an hour suntanning in the yard while I read my book and when it just got too hot we came back inside and cranked the AC on. Shortly after, Brad called to say he was taking a break. Apparently he went to Promenade Temecula Mall where we had seen a Macy's store.

After reading for another hour or so, I decided Robbie and I should have a nap. Since we were expecting Brad home any minute I didn't worry about sleeping too long. When I woke up around 3:30 and he still wasn't home I tried to call but he didn't answer. Figuring he might be driving home I thought I'd wait a while before panicking.

Within a few minutes he drove up. With tales of shopping woes in a massive mall, he was exhausted. He quickly hid the gifts in the bedroom while I waited outside and then tucked himself away to wrap them. The dash is really filling up now.

He has a radio interview tonight (tied to his own blog) so after a horrendous supper made by yours truly, he was clearly winding down so he went for a short nap. I need to wake him now or he won't sleep tonight..