Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Shopping

We went to Temecula to do some gift shopping yesterday...

I'm not a shopper. I only go for what I need, get in and get out that's my philosophy. Started at Kmart, that was shocking. Clearly Kmart is in trouble, the store looked like Target did in Canada when it bottomed out. They had every pajama known to man filling the entrance, I found that very odd. Stuff was not riddled all over the floor like it had been in Target but the place just had a sense of - I don't know, finality to it.

I'm particularly trying to find a tin of Quality Street Chocolates. It's a thing... Went to CVS, Ralph's and even -dare I say it - Walmart. Couldn't find it anywhere. Being sure Walmart would have it I tried to check online while in the store but my phone died, remembering in my shopping travels that there were connectors on the photo shop computers I went straight there, plugged in and once my phone charged enough to look online I thought I was off to the races.

Walmart has it on their website with 2 day free delivery (pick up, I assume), but not in the shop. Walmart is aiming to follow in Amazon's footsteps but I hate to be the one to break it to them... that's going to annoy people. If your website says you have it, you should have it. For a store to essentially buy it from Amazon and mail it from someone else is ridiculous. I think I'll check the price difference for Quality Street between Walmart and Amazon, yes - yes I will.

I picked up wrapping paper at Kmart but when I got to the till I realized I hadn't grabbed tape so I put it off to the side. When I got to CVS I grabbed tape to go with the wrapping paper forgetting I didn't get the wrapping paper. THIS is my life. LOL

By the time we were finished and heading home it was 4pm, Brad wanted to stop for dinner somewhere but I was aggravated and just wanted to go home. Of course that meant cooking which just annoyed me all the more but once we were back we both managed to relax, Thai Chicken Curry was a great way to end that day.

PS I did get wrapping paper at Ralph's - and I must tell you, it's good stuff. Thick paper, good quality and cheap. One roll was $1.99 and the other $2.99, not having to worry about tearing or rubbing a whole in it - Priceless.


  1. Christmas shopping we don't do anymore, see all the family in October back home, give them (the 8 Grands as well) cash or gift cards this way they get to go shopping on our dollar and buy what they really want.
    Making dinner at home is always our choice, less expensive, better food and more relaxing we find.

    1. Same here George. Cash or gift cards.
      My brother and I agreed some time ago... he gives me twenty bucks and I give him twenty bucks. Even and done.

    2. We've done the family gifts long ago but now we're getting for each other - just little things. To have something under the tree.

  2. If you're looking for the Quality Streets chocolates from England, you will have to order or find an import store. To get my tin in Boise, ID, I have to go the World Import Market. Liz-Boise

    1. Thanks Liz, I appreciate the input. I saw them on the Walmart website so I'll likely order from them or Amazon at least Amazon comes right to the door.


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