Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day trip to Palm Springs

Yesterday, after our binge the night before Janice and I arrived for Pickleball but The Vicster was nowhere to be seen... Today, I was the only one who showed, actually there was one other person there who managed to make a call and get 2 others to join us...

This morning, after Pickleball of course, we loaded in the car and headed to Palm Springs once again. Well, technically a first since the last trip we didn't actually go to Palm Springs but actually Palm Desert which is sort of a suburb.

I was quite surprised by Palm Springs itself to be honest with you, not at all how I - imagined or was led to believe?- thought it would be.

They do a pretty cool thing to their palm trees which I hadn't seen anywhere else but otherwise it was pretty dull. We drove around thinking perhaps we were 'on the wrong side of the tracks', but it didn't get much better.

Somehow I guess we had imagined it to look more like Beverly Hills than Temecula. It really wasn't much different than Temecula, in fact I think Temecula has better housing.

Anyway it was a beautiful warm sunny day for a drive and we had a fantastic meal there. Saw the fancy palm trees and even saw some dune buggies doing their thing on a sandy hill beside the highway on our way home. We took the short route there and the long route home through Hemet.

Hemet is actually a pretty big place and I was shocked by it. Another town I think was Romano... I'll check... well, clearly I was abducted because I can't find anything even remotely close to a town name of Romano... no idea where that was, but it was also surprising how much they had for such a small town.

All in all a great family outing day.

Can anyone explain to me?:
I placed an order through Walmart (if you'll recall) for Quality Street Chocolates about a week ago. In order to get free delivery I had to up my order from $27 to $35. Since we are always looking for something to munch on I figured okay. Twizzlers, Maltezers and Starburst were added to the original order. The order was then broken up into 3 deliveries... Starburst arrived first, delivered to the RV, Twizzlers and Maltezers came next, delivered General Delivery to the local Post Office, I'm still waiting for the Quality Street - should be delivered tomorrow... I don't know where...

My question is: Why would items from the same order be delivered to different places? Isn't there a more efficient means of doing this? Surely putting a small flat bag of Starburst in a 8"x10"x5" box with some stuffing and the maltezers and twizzlers in another even larger yet box - half empty.... is not the most environmentally nor sensibly financial way to sell a couple bucks of candy... I think the Post Office won on that whole deal. I'll take pictures of whatever they send the Quality Street in.


  1. Lots of places you will visit will not meet all the Hype that is heard about them.
    Sounds like your order got divided like one we had from Amazon. We're waiting to see how they do on our second order.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Sometimes I think I'm just not digging deep enough for an area, I don't know...

  2. I always thought it was because the products originated from different locations (different warehouse locations or even different areas within the warehouses etc.) and then different methods of shipping. Sometimes couriers start out with it and then hand it off to the post office for final delivery to destination.

    Always interesting to see who brings it and where it gets left!


    1. The Quality Street arrived at the site. I had seen UPS driving around well after supper last night and when we got home there it was on the side table. Yay! Xmas can happen now. :)

  3. We enjoyed Palm Springs the walk of stars down main street, the small local cafe's, a couple of neat museums and checking out some of the mansions of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby etc... Guess you missed those?

    1. Yeppers, Didn't see any of that. Will definitely dig deeper next visit.

  4. As a fifth generation Californian I never saw Palm Springs as a place "to go"
    most of Palm Springs is owned by the Native Americans, businesses and residents lease the land. The land was distributed into a checkerboard. The history of Agua Caliente Band is heart breaking but as long as they benefit from such ugly property I have no issue other than not visiting.


  5. When you go to somewhere like Palm Springs it wouldn't hurt to take one of the escorted tours that are widely available. They don't take long and give you a complete history as well as points of interest of the area. There are also hiking trips into the canyons and wonderful film festivals...just saying.

    1. I'll take a look for that next time, Thanks Adrienne.


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