Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day trip to Palm Springs

Yesterday, after our binge the night before Janice and I arrived for Pickleball but The Vicster was nowhere to be seen... Today, I was the only one who showed, actually there was one other person there who managed to make a call and get 2 others to join us...

This morning, after Pickleball of course, we loaded in the car and headed to Palm Springs once again. Well, technically a first since the last trip we didn't actually go to Palm Springs but actually Palm Desert which is sort of a suburb.

I was quite surprised by Palm Springs itself to be honest with you, not at all how I - imagined or was led to believe?- thought it would be.

They do a pretty cool thing to their palm trees which I hadn't seen anywhere else but otherwise it was pretty dull. We drove around thinking perhaps we were 'on the wrong side of the tracks', but it didn't get much better.

Somehow I guess we had imagined it to look more like Beverly Hills than Temecula. It really wasn't much different than Temecula, in fact I think Temecula has better housing.

Anyway it was a beautiful warm sunny day for a drive and we had a fantastic meal there. Saw the fancy palm trees and even saw some dune buggies doing their thing on a sandy hill beside the highway on our way home. We took the short route there and the long route home through Hemet.

Hemet is actually a pretty big place and I was shocked by it. Another town I think was Romano... I'll check... well, clearly I was abducted because I can't find anything even remotely close to a town name of Romano... no idea where that was, but it was also surprising how much they had for such a small town.

All in all a great family outing day.

Can anyone explain to me?:
I placed an order through Walmart (if you'll recall) for Quality Street Chocolates about a week ago. In order to get free delivery I had to up my order from $27 to $35. Since we are always looking for something to munch on I figured okay. Twizzlers, Maltezers and Starburst were added to the original order. The order was then broken up into 3 deliveries... Starburst arrived first, delivered to the RV, Twizzlers and Maltezers came next, delivered General Delivery to the local Post Office, I'm still waiting for the Quality Street - should be delivered tomorrow... I don't know where...

My question is: Why would items from the same order be delivered to different places? Isn't there a more efficient means of doing this? Surely putting a small flat bag of Starburst in a 8"x10"x5" box with some stuffing and the maltezers and twizzlers in another even larger yet box - half empty.... is not the most environmentally nor sensibly financial way to sell a couple bucks of candy... I think the Post Office won on that whole deal. I'll take pictures of whatever they send the Quality Street in.