Saturday, 2 December 2017

Got Cable and Old Town

Bruce came by yesterday to deal with our cable situation. A big Thank You to him for that! We now have TV 3 ways. We can plug in at a campground for cable, use our original RV antennae or use the new fandangled one Brad picked up in Quartzsite. All with the push of a button. Very nice.

On our way in to this area with the RV we saw a sign on the highway about a parade. All we caught was that is was from 6-10pm, we assumed it was that night and it may have been but last night we went for supper in Old Town and there were chairs lined up all along the road. Not a lot of people as it was only about 4:45 but the entire roadside was set out with people's chairs. Our waiter told us the parade started at 7pm so we made sure to get out of the area before that so we didn't get stuck.

Someone had recommended Palumbo's Italian restaurant so we wanted to check it out, I know we didn't make it to Sunday.... Calamari for an appetizer then Brad had Baked Penne and Caesar Salad and I had Shrimp Angel Hair and Clam Chowder both were very good. I got a picture of the appetizers but forgot the meals, too busy eating I suppose.

Later, we went to Bruce and Vickie's and had a couple of drinks and a gab with them before heading home for the night.


  1. Nice that you got your tv;'s working properly.

    1. It was so nice of Bruce to do that for us, he rocks.


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