Monday, 18 December 2017

Hawk Watch Winery

So I didn't get to Pickleball yesterday because the girls had plans for late morning. Brad dropped me at Vickie's around 10:45am and after picking up a couple of others (Janice and Lisa) Vickie drove us to Warner Springs where we had plans at Hawk Watch Winery for a glass of wine and a Xmas craft class to make Xmas ornaments out of wine corks. I have so many pictures....

From left to right: Lisa, Vickie and Janice

Lisa, Myself and Vickie

Beautiful enough for a wedding

Great views


Jams, spreads, sauces, wine, T-shirts... lots for sale.

The lights bounced off everything - and everyone.

Creative Xmas tree

One of my ornaments

One of Lisa's ornaments



I think this one is Janice's

Anna's (she joined our table and is also from this resort)

Back of mine

Back of mine

Table full of options 

Janice's anatomically correct Reindeer


Back of Anna's


Back of Lisa's

Group's ornaments

My favourite ornament of the day belongs to another Victoria

The whole group

On the way home the girls wanted to show off the reindeer to some friends so we stopped but they were not home so they moved all the decorative ducks around on their lot.


Back to George and Andy's for a visit

Be naughty, save Santa a trip

Having a laugh

Considering we showed up unannounced the guys were more than gracious hosts until well after dark. Providing us unprepared girls with sweaters and blankets to keep us warm. As well as providing us with some of their finest wines, which we downed like drunken sailors.

George with Andy in the background. I think I caught him while he was talking, sorry George.

Having had far too much wine, Brad reheated leftovers from the previous nights dinner out. I managed to stay awake until 10pm - somehow and then we all just said to hell with it and went to bed. 

It was a great day with new friends and I'm so glad I went. I hadn't been particularly excited about having what I would consider a foo-foo day but it was an all around good time.


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