Friday, 8 December 2017

Internet Woes

Brad and I went for much needed haircuts yesterday, I had managed to get us booked in at Salon De Le Pham in Temecula. Very comfortable and welcoming this place is operated by a husband and wife team of stylists, Chris and Kelly.

While doing Brad's hair Kelly suggested Bamboo House, an asian restaurant in Temecula. We love Asian food so as soon as we finished there we were off to the Bamboo House. Very nice restaurant and great food.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot Brad noticed a huge billow of smoke just (and I do mean just) to the north of us. Looked about a two blocks away but being unfamiliar with the area and the terrain it could have been more but not by much.

Sure enough the Liberty Fire had begun and to my knowledge is still going but has been significantly contained. Also around that time we found out that another fire had started just South of us down by San Diego, the Lilac Fire.

As soon as we were home we realized we had no internet... I went to the Clubhouse and updated the phones in an attempt to get it to catch but no luck. Waited all night and still nothing. This morning... still nothing. I turned the news on just in case something else major was going on and while the Liberty Fire had enlarged it was still 'holding' in that general area which is a fair enough distance from us.

Hence, I wasn't able to post a blog last night.

Today, we went to USPS and sent off a parcel for the Grandchildren back in Canada and then drove down to Warner Springs to see what we could see. Somehow because I had heard of Warner Springs somewhere in time, I assumed it was a decent sized community. Not so. We couldn't find anything there particularly, just a few houses and what we think was a school. A Golf Course, perhaps this is where I'd heard about it before, seemed to be all there was other than the few homes and school.

Because of the winds here and the fact that His Lordship is still in awe of having a Jeep and hasn't put the walls up on her yet, we had to start home before it got too cold (ie.. below 10C). We hadn't even taken a coat since we were only going to USPS which is just outside our gate essentially.

Vickie & Bruce just left, they stopped by for a visit. We had a good time out in the backyard having a drink and fun conversation. We sure enjoy their company, they have a good sense of humour - or they fake their enjoyment of Brad's sense of humour - either way, it's always fun. Vickie wasn't feeling well so we appreciate that they came by all the more.

There is a 'walk around the park' every morning here and I've been wanting to do it for a while now. Problem is its at 7am!!! Are you $!%#@ kidding me? I want to go but I like to sleep in retirement until I wake up naturally - and it's always after 7am...


  1. Yes you need to watch this wildfires there, our wind has gone away now so loving it, I do a couple of walk about everyday, by myself whenever I feel like it

    1. Seems like once the day starts I'm always busy at something, guess I'll just have to take the time.

  2. Retirement is about sleeping in late. Even if one gets up early, no reason to wake everyone else up.

  3. Internet woes are a part of RVing, not fun when trying to post on your blog.


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