Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Jeep lid, Massage and 1950's

Yesterday Brad replaced the old soft top on the Jeep with a new one he got from Santa. He also put the mesh one underneath so when the windows are off I won't have to worry about the dog falling out. Now we're going to have to clean up the black trim of the rest of the Jeep...

New Jeep soft top being put on

Brad had a massage this afternoon so I went with him as I needed to go to Lowe's. After his massage we decided to go out for supper. Our favourite place 'back home' is a 50's diner, so when I saw Richie's Read American Diner on Google maps.... that's where we headed.

Richie's Real American Diner

The place was not empty by any stretch but this was a small section they didn't have open. I chose to take a picture of that rather than worry about someone not wanting their picture taken.

Unlike back home, this diner has a bar.

My pomagranate lemonade came in a milkshake cup. Huge.

Brad's meal came with a salad

Brad ordered Spaghetti

I order a bacon cheese burger

Brad's flavourless spaghetti was soaking in a pool of water in the bottom of the bowl.
He did not enjoy it. At all.


  1. Nice looking top but too bad about dinner. Really hard to screw up spaghetti. Another reason we seldom eat out.

  2. The Jeep looks great but too bad about your meal out.


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