Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Mama's Boy

Heading into town yesterday, Robbie doesn't like the strong winds and we still have the wall out of the Jeep so he tucks his head under Brad's arm as we drive to keep out of the wind. We're experiencing what they call Santa Ana winds here at the moment and with the added speed on the highway, he was not a happy camper!

First stop was to IHOP (International House of Pancakes), neither of us had ever been before so we were quite excited to try it. It was really good, we both enjoyed it a lot. Doesn't beat Humpty's but probably only because that's what we're used to, certainly compares.

Quite the variety of syrups: Regular, Blueberry, Pecan Butter and Strawberry.

Sausage, Eggs, Hash and Pancakes for Him

Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes and Cheesecake inside two French Toast for Her

Time to go to the Groomer, he doesn't like to be washed, this one.

Dirty Paws Groomers in Temecula, CA

Mum bringing him out after his ordeal

Isn't he a stud?!

As I suspected the look of him (other than the bandana) is the same but he is definitely shy a whole lot of hair from the undercoat. I'm sure he feels a lot better for it and I am looking foward to not sweeping up the equivalent of a purse puppy everyday.


  1. Nice that you got that done , now he should be good until it gets colder again.

    1. Cold?! Who's going anywhere cold?! LOL

    2. The cold will come to us usually late Decmeber andJanuary.

  2. Being in the direct Sunlight Robbie will definitely feel cooler but like George said the temperatures are about to cool down.
    IHOPs are all over the US and Canada. Surprised that's your first time trying them out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes I realize it will cool down but being from Saskatchewan - cold is relative. :)


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