Friday, 1 December 2017

Massage, Walmart and Cable TV

Yesterday Brad had a massage appointment so I got straight to work once he left. I cleaned the rig in preparation for putting up the Xmas tree today, dumped the tanks, filled the fresh tank and topped up the batteries with distilled water.

He went to Walmart AFTER his massage and had a hell of a time for an hour and 5 minutes he tells me. The only other water filter they had also didn't have a gasket so he just returned the original one. After his ordeal he needed a coffee so went to Starbucks (yes, BRAD went to Starbucks!) and ran smack into Vickie... she texted me that she was on a date with my husband and I told her to have him back by dinner.

Shortly after Brad returned, Bruce stopped by to look at our cable (tv) issue. We don't know what was done when the original owner put in his satellite but we are not connecting to the livingroom TV for some reason even though we are connected to the cable here at the resort.

He had a jimmy around and said something about 'a tomorrow job' so I guess he's coming back today. I have to get my tree up before he gets here and I'm not even beautified yet... it's 8:30 and what little I know of Bruce, he's likely to show up around 9 so I best get a move on.... gtg.


  1. Some people can screw it the wiring in rv's. good l;luck with getting the cable tv to work.

    1. Fortunately Bruce knows his way around these things and he sorted it for us.


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