Saturday, 23 December 2017

Meeting Dave and Karen

We met some new people yesterday, well not really new as we had met them previously at the dog park, etc. but they have recently purchased the site next to ours.

Yesterday was the first time we had actually had any real meaningful conversation with them and it was great. Brad and Dave talked about politics - Brad's favourite topic,  and Karen and I talked travel, RV and options.

I had given them a Xmas card earlier in the day and included one of our 'business cards' in with it. Karen texted last evening to see if we would like to join them as they were going for dinner in Temecula tonight. We have yet to work out the details of when/where but we look forward to spending time with them again.

Its a lonely road this RV life, while we are used to that it has been profoundly noticeable which is rather odd to us at least, so it's nice to make new acquaintance.

They are going to a resort further south next month and it has been suggested that we drive down for a day trip to see the sights and visit again. Likely we will.

Feels a bit bit weird talking about Dave and Karen as my brother is a Dave and his wife is Karynne (pronounced Karen)... anyway, just a tidbit I thought I'd throw out there.

We are off to the post office shortly to see if any last minute mail has arrived. When I checked yesterday there was nothing there and we are expecting at least 2 items from family.

We also have to get a few groceries for the Xmas potluck events, not to mention normal groceries like bread, etc. We are not sure if we will get groceries during the day or after supper this evening. Decisions decisions.....


  1. Always nice to meet new rv'ers, but in our 12 years we have never found it lonely, Sometimes we meet people and sometimes we don't. We really do enjoy time alone though, something we have always been used to.
    But then everyone is different.
    Enjoy your meal out with them.

    1. Its an accumulative effect, I'm sure, of our last 8 years and then spending 3 weeks in Quartzsite. Normally we prefer being by ourselves... anyway, it was a great meal out with interesting friends.


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