Sunday, 9 December 2018

New laptop

So my laptop died about a week ago. Literally just finished publishing my last post and kerplunk! No more laptop. After trying to cope with only the one computer for both of us (my iMac is at Brad's Mum's place), we finally gave it up and went to Duncan. Actually, I was at Pickleball and when I got home Brad says 'let's go, I have a surprise for you'... okey dokey, no argument here....

Sure enough he drove to the ferry, not even remotely what I was expecting... nice surprise. We returned home around 5pm last night and I after eating supper I set about setting up my new computer.... aargh. The bloody thing was only put together May 12 of 2018 (7 months ago) and it was doing updates until midnight last night. Then this morning another round of updates... that is annoying.

Anyway, I'm almost finished getting it sorted but thought I'd put out a post since it seems like ages.

Here I am, there you are... all is right with the world.

Now, just to finish this computer stuff...........................................

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Its Xmas time in the RV

On Monday we both had appointments with our new family Doctor. The usual make sure we're still ticking kind of appointment and introduction type thing. Tuesday Brad started a new medication and also went off the vape and on to the patch. He thinks the vape is doing more harm than good and I can't argue the point since its still relatively new. He has been handling it extremely well, I was worried about doing both on the same day, but although he's struggling with it I wouldn't say anymore than would be expected.

Wednesday we did laundry and Xmas shopping for the grandkids and we were going to go and meet a YouTuber we have been following for about 3.5 years - Finding Simon, who is currently renovating a massive 47Ft Solar and Wind Catamaran on an island just north of us. Unfortunately, Brad wasn't quite up to it and we had to back out but we will try again hopefully this week. Not sure but I think I mentioned that we're back on the sailboat kick again... just can't shake it, probably doesn't help that we see them all day every day in the harbours around here. Still calculating the Monohull / Catamaran issue, not to mention the are we on crack issue....

Ray & Deb are planning a trip to Victoria and I am currently working on convincing Brad to join them as we've been wanting to go that way since we arrived but haven't managed it yet. Give me time... give me time... (and don't mention it -- Margaret!)

Otherwise its been a rather quiet week outside of pickleball. Our lot closes Escrow tomorrow (Monday) so that will be one less headache.

Saturday was Dec 1st of course, so the Xmas stuff goes up. It makes it feel more enclosed in here that's for sure.

Got a 2Ft'er this year because last year's 3Ft'er was too big

Learned this one from my Daughter-in-Law

Did that damn mirror too that we hate but are afraid to take off in case it ruins the 'wallpaper'

She's a cutie and our stockings hang nicely on our cell phone magnet balls


We went to a local Xmas Craft Fair down in Fulford yesterday and they had Sherry Trifle! No way was I passing that up, got the last one too. Heavy on the Sherry it was. Delish.

Supper once again at The Oyster Catcher
and our favourite waiter explained that this picture on their wall comes from an old pub in North Hampshire, England called Shipstones, hence the name of the attached pub at The Oyster Catcher.

I have likely posted this before but its so awesome that it is worth repeating.

OH, and Santa?! -- I've been a VERY GOOD Girl! :D

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Kastle's Journey and Lowered Lids

So Ray & Deb of Kastle's Journey came out to Salt Spring Island to meet us. Great couple, full of energy which is amazing when you consider all they are dealing with (read their blog if you don't already know).... When grabbing the above link I noticed she has written a post about 'weekend fun', going over to read it now....

We had a great visit here in our cozy abode before heading into town to The Oyster Catcher for lunch (Ray's treat - we'll get them next time!) Thank you both for taking the time to come out, we look forward to meeting up again closer to your turf, and of course seeing the house completed - or not....

Turns out we have a lot in common and Ray and Brad both enjoy gabbing about politics, yuck... and other stuff. It was a great visit and we hope to have an opportunity to spend more time with them in future.

We didn't have time during our visit to take them around the island as they had an unexpected visitor at home they needed to get back for. Next time!

Brad, Katie, Deb & Ray

Later on that day Brad went to The Local Barbershop to have his lids lowered.

Great environment in this little barbershop and Keith (the Barber) is famous on the island for the mini comedy skits he makes that are shown in the cinema before the movie. They are a delight and we always look forward to them but didn't realize the guy was the Barber! Now he will be Brad's go to.

Never looks quite right until you do it yourself but if you recall from previous pics, he had enough hair removed to wig out an army.

I sent this pic of a palm tree outside The Oyster Catcher to our friends in California. No need to go south when you've got The Gulf Islands!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Guess who's coming to dinner

I swear if it wasn't for my camera I would have absolutely no idea what we did all day... the problem with that?... I so rarely remember to take pictures, and even then... for example, here is a pic of my Uncle Tom and Aunt Bea. If you recall we met them for lunch several weeks ago but I forgot to post the pic of us. I think I mentioned having lunch.... man I'm getting old. I met these two in 1974 when my parents moved us to Canada (I was 5). Yep, long time. They are Irish and for many years I called them every St. Pat's Day until recent years with absolutely no excuse. Now we are all back together again.

Bea, Katie and Tom
Brad got stuck taking the picture

Saw this online and couldn't resist sharing

During this weeks trip to Duncan for laundry, the fog was so thick at the water level I wasn't convinced the ferry's would even be running. They were and I'm blonde... once you got up the hill a bit the fog cleared and the world was put right once again.

Fog at Crofton Ferry Terminal

Waiting for Daddy (in his chair) to return from his massage.

Today we went for another hike... we try to walk or hike every day. After smoking for 35ish years its  been refreshing to have the lung capacity to do this now. Brad's back gives him trouble going uphill so we try to stick to flatter areas, unfortunately we have no idea what this island is like until we get out there and find out. And man o man, did we find out today!

Come on old fogey's

Anyone know this plant? the seed pods are black but I saw evidence that it may have a yellow flower in bloom. Coolest looking thing with the black, never seen anything like it before. Really excited to see this island in the summer with everything in full bloom and the blackberries are absolutely everywhere...............

Robbie had a great view while waiting for the oldies to catch up.

Come on Dad, this way!

We tried to expand our horizons a bit today on the Channel Ridge Trails and even did a few uphills that maybe we shouldn't but eventually the uphills became too much and we had to turn around and go back. Not giving up, we decided to go right instead of left and wound around a large circle back to the car. We had to stop a few times but during this over an hour hike our app tells us we stopped for less than 5 minutes in total. I'm happy with that. Now we know a good size walk for us is the main loop of the picture below and not to get all supercharged and go crazy. In the end the app says we walked 2.8 miles (4.5 km). Refreshing and Exhausting at the same time.

During our hike I got an email from Deb of Kastle's Journey, She and Ray are planning to come visit us on Saturday. Pretty excited to meet more readers (I read her blog, too). We are becoming right social butterflies since moving out of  'hell'. Love it.

Ray and Deb are RVers, they bought a house and are having a bunch of reno's done to it so they are not able to head south this year. Follow along if you don't already, though I'm sure you do. :D

PS I forgot to check the Geocache while we were out today. Gotta remember that tomorrow, I'll put Robbie in charge of reminding me... LOL

Thursday, 15 November 2018

A couple of days in the life

On Tuesday we met up with Susan (of Reuben and Susan) for a hike along Duck Creek Trail, this trail is much better for us than the Channel Ridge Trails as it is a little flatter and not so hard on Brad's back. Susan's birthday was on Monday and I believe she's now 39 ;)

After the hike we stopped down at TJ's for a coffee and a chinwag.

We usually keep Robbie on a leash while on Duck Creek but on Wednesday we let him wear his big boy pants. He never strays very far. Another bonus of this trail is that it is an offleash dog trail. 

We dropped Robbie at home and again went for coffee at TJ's after our walk, we sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Fire Hall in the center of town (Ganges) Note the flowers.

View of Centennial Park where the Veteran's Day ceremony was held.

We found a new burger joint, I'd heard about it but had never seen. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season and the sign said to go to The OysterCatcher for the same burger... we walked over there but the burgers are $18.99 each and there's just a principle in there somewhere so said 'to hell with it' and went to Thrifty's (Grocer's) to pick up a few things. 

While in Thrifty's we saw some Roast Beef Sandwiches and decided to grab a couple ($6.99 each). We walked over to the boardwalk on the marina to eat our lunch. Note the blackbirds on the railing... there were 9 of them! Very reminiscent of the movie but we managed to eat in relative peace. Had a stroll around the marina and headed back home to Robbie. 

I must say those sandwiches were damn good! Roast Beef, Cheddar and Horseradish... and for that price, you can bet we'll be having those again.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Remembrance Day 2018

If you read my last post you know that I take exception to businesses using Remembrance Day as an advertising opportunity. Well, here on Salt Spring there was none (or very little) of that. I was expecting to hear the Pharmacy, the Grocers, the Building Supply....... didn't hear a one. I only heard the usual political addresses and the Legion and Women's Auxilliary and the like. 

It was a very nice ceremony, probably the best one I've attended. When they shot the cannons that scared the hell out of a few people but fortunately we had seen the cannons when we first arrived, so when the shot went off, while still startling it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Towards the end of the ceremony there were 5 planes in formation that flew overhead, they sang songs like The White Cliffs of Dover, Its a Long Way to Tipperary and another I cannot recall. 




5 planes flying overhead in formation

After the ceremony we went for breakfast at The Salt Spring Inn to allow traffic to thin out before venturing to get clear of downtown ourselves. We then decided to stop at home and get Robbie to go for a hike along Duck Creek Trail.

Open fields

Deep Forest

Amazing Beauty (and the tip of my gloved thumb)

The moss covered everything adds a certain something something.

Back to Open Fields

More moss covering

Across a bridge

Low hanging moss covered branches

Closer to same branches

and closer still to those branches, my pictures just don't do the place justice.

Ivy growing up a tree

and back to open field yet again

Maybe its the prairie girl in me that finds this moss covered forest island so mystical, maybe its the English in me that connects to the similarities of this island to my original home, or maybe its just that this island is so breathtakingly beautiful. Whatever it is, I wish I could open a window so that you could peek through and see the magic for yourselves.

Visitors always welcome :D

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Long few days

None of this has been discussed on the blog but Brad has been dealing with a court case for many years now. He had to stop the case during court proceedings and go to the appeal court... the ability to even do so was argued (2 years ago) and Brad just won that so now he has to actually do the appeal. He completed the writing of that appeal on Thursday morning and we spent Thursday afternoon going to Duncan to have it printed and bound at Staples....

Then because we have sold our property in California, we had to go to the US Consulate General to have some documents doohickied.... so we left the RV at 5am sharp to ensure our spot on the 6:30am ferry to Vancouver... while waiting for the ferry to embark a friend and neighbour tapped on the window... he and his son were going out on the same ferry to do some business of their own.

Having breakfast on the ferry to Vancouver (2.5 hr ride)

Mark, friendly neighbour. 

Concrete jungle is an understatement

We had booked a return ferry via Victoria for 6:30pm but we arrived back at the Ferry terminal at 3pm so got in the standby line.... barely made it though, just one car behind us got on the 3:30pm ferry... Whew. And guess who tapped on the window... yup, Mark! They were heading back also but took a different ferry route. We were home by 8pm with a short stop on Mayne Island to transfer ferries.

Today, after Pickleball we decided to take Robbie to Beddis Beach......

A Catamaran (my dream), and the Vancouver ferry

Brad and Robbie chillin' out at the beach

Beddis Beach, great sand and soft shells

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and we will, of course, be in attendance.

I take great exception to standing in the cold while the names of every local business are read off in lieu of their flowers on a day that should be about those who died... 

Read the names of those men/women and I'll stand all day.

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