Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Saskatoon once again

A lot has happened in the last few weeks but I've had no reasonable access to the internet so was not able to post.

We finished up at the campground in Bow Valley and dropped the RV off in Red Deer for some warranty work. We are now in Saskatoon once again visiting family before heading out West to Salt Spring Island for our newest adventure.

Pretty excited to get out there as you might imagine.

We sent a letter to the bank re: house issues but have not heard anything back as yet. So nothing new to report on that.

For those who know: Brad won his court case he's been waiting on the decision about for the last 20 months or so. He sent a message to the other side inquiring if they still wish to continue - I've not a doubt that they will - which is okay by me because they just keep digging themselves deeper every time and my shopping spree gets bigger and better :D

He helped a friend with an employment issue he was having and is now assisting my youngest good son with a custody issue. Always something it seems.

I understand that our new campground on Salt Spring has really good internet so there should be no further issues with posting once we get out there.

Meanwhile, we are looking around for a different RV. Something more suitable to our new way of RVing - ie more stationary. You will recall we bought this one because we planned to boondock and move around a lot and while we love it and I personally think we can just swap out the L-shaped dinette for theatre seats, His Lordship would prefer something a little more like an apartment than a camper. However, we do not know what kind of room we will have in our new spot so do not want to make any change until after we get west.

I am looking around now to find layouts that work so that when we are ready we just need to find one of whatever it is. The layout is the most important aspect so not decided on TT, 5th wheel or other. Though outside storage is also a thing, we are still considering a TT. For the right layout we would make concessions on outside storage since we do not have a lot of stuff there now. We did find a 2017 Bounder 35K that we both loved but the reviews are not great...

Anyway, sorry to be gone so long but once we're settled the posts should be more regular.

Sooooo excited.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

10 years on, we return to the scene of the crime

It was our 10th Anniversary on Thursday, so being in Canmore we went to the backcountry where we were married.

Aug 30, 2018

Married at the edge of Spray Lakes

Our honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

Honeymoon at Mount Engadine Lodge

...and it snowed

My Studmuffin

Back to the present:

Heading to the other side of these mountains

Way up there above that power line you can see the road - barely.

Didn't see any goats, but usually you do

Stopped up the hill due to construction ahead

Canmore from half way up

Do not recommend taking a trailer or other up the side of this mountain but this guy did. Small trailer though.

Made it to the top!

Tunnel here mostly under water, divers enjoy this spot often

Snow on some peaks up here

Our wedding spot just below at the waters edge

Roads are better than ever

Avalanche area

I still got it, right?!! Right!

The mountains from our wedding pics in distance

10 years later

My man and his dog

...unless he needs to poop, then its my dog....

Still cute, maybe....

Heading back to the construction on the road

There are workers dangling down the side of this mountain as they secure it from erosion.


Then off to Banff Springs Hotel for dinner

3 bears

1888 Chop House Restaurant

I even had champagne

Caesar Salad

When the waitress brought our sides (center of table), I thought it was bad form to be holding someone else's dessert plates when we were still awaiting our mains... Turned out it was our steaks... His: $70 Mine: $76... I thought they were brownies for another table... you can see why I would think that, I'm sure.

Brad had to send his steak back as it was well and truly overcooked, I ate mine regardless. We only had $280 on us in cash and were just talking about using the credit card because we likely wouldn't have enough cash... the waiter brought the bill... $95.55! The waiter removed both steaks and my cheesecake dessert from the bill.

Very exceptional service at the 1888 Chop House in Banff Springs Hotel. Big shout out to Adam (our waiter). He really helped to make our Anniversary great.

On the way home we saw a few Deer as we were entering the campground to top off our date nicely.

We've decided to make it a thing. Every 10 years anniversary we will return to the scene of the crime.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

So whats with the house?

As you may know, our house sale did not complete. I will not be including any descriptive detail here but simply the gist.

Many years ago we purchased a home in 'hell'. At the time the sellers were attempting to use an old Survey which did not include the buildout into the water. Obviously, we refused it and insisted that a new Survey be done which must show that the buildout was within the boundaries of the property. This was a condition of the purchase because the water access was why we were purchasing in the first place. It was done by ABC Surveyors and showed the buildout as part of the property. We purchased the property via ABC Lawyers who represented both buyer/seller and mortgaged with ABC Bank.

Several years later we paid out the mortgage with ABC Bank and tore that old house down, rebuilding it with a bigger/better home. Before the property was built and finished, we went to ABC Bank for a Line of Credit which we would secure with cash - they declined, for no apparent reason. We then turned to DEF Bank and asked them to look at it and see if they could figure out why ABC would refuse such a deal - they could not explain. Our credit was impeccable and the Line would be secured 100% with cash.

Once the house was completed, we decided to simply get our mortgage with DEF Bank. They insisted upon a Real Property Report as the existing Survey was now 5 years old and there was a new house upon it. Reasonable. So DEF Bank (not us) asked ABC Surveyors to complete the Real Property Report. With the home and buildout being within the boundary and all being well, DEF bank provided us with a mortgage and all was cleared by ABC Lawyers. About a year after that, we got a 2nd mortgage, this was done through DEF Lawyers and all went ahead without a hitch.

Now that we have a sale of the property, the buyers again requested a new Survey. Reasonable. They asked ABC Surveyors to complete this. They did so a few days prior to closing. Suddenly, ABC Surveyors have discovered that the buildout is not within the Title/Deed boundary.

Unfortunate for them, ABC Surveyors have evidently forgotten that they did the original survey showing the boundary in the water which is what convinced us to purchase said property in the first place, Oops. Or, that after the new build they provided the bank with a Real Property Report which showed everything within the confines of our boundary. Also, both Law firms involved in this current sale have been previously involved in deals which should have caught this problem. The original mortgage, the new mortgage and the 2nd mortgage. This is why we have these professionals after all, and why they charge such exorbitant fees.

Brad contacted ABC Surveyors to advise them that they have an itsy bitsy problem and the man then called Brad back. During this conversation, Brad was quoting the purpose of a 'Surveyor' from the Surveyor Association's website to this man who advised Brad that that was 'a bit of an exaggeration'. It was evident during the call that the man had absolutely no idea that he was the original surveyor at the time of purchase.

I tell you.... you can not make this shite up.

Fortunately, DEF bank has Title insurance on our property. So there is that - the bank is protected. However, WE do not have Title insurance apparently. This disaster could ruin our impeccable credit rating... through no fault of ours. We can sue, of course and likely will. But that takes a long time and meanwhile we will be forced to suffer the consequences.

We immediately contacted the bank when we learned of all of this and are still awaiting a return call.

Obviously, we are trying to figure out what to do now. I am unable to find anything online. There is plenty where someone built after the fact and had trouble but I cannot find anything whereby the Surveyor report caused them to purchase a property which did not have clear title and/or lawyers who didn't catch it.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Back at work and... NEWS

Tuesday we were back to work, I can't go anywhere without things falling apart in my absence...  ;)

The campground up the mountain has been overrun with, of all things, cows!

We saw at least 3 grown cows and 2 calves just at one site.

...and the smoke problem has escalated significantly while we were gone

You can barely see the big mountain on the left.

And you have to look REALLY closely to see Three Sisters in this shot.

Usually they loom large and you couldn't miss them for anything.

There are a couple of fires just north of our area but the bulk of this smoke is coming from the bazillion wildfires in BC.


We have been offered and have accepted a new job. We will not be leaving this one until October and the new boss appreciates that we want to fulfill our commitment here. 

We will be the Campground Managers at Mowhinna Creek Campground on Salt Spring Island, BC. The current Managers wish to retire in January. We are pretty excited about this opportunity. It will be very quiet over the winter but the position is year-round and the island gets crazy busy during the summer months. I will have more to say on this once we get there, maybe before.

We have done plenty of research into the island but still have plenty more to do, there are so many things to see and do. The island is very self-sustaining it appears. There is a farmer's market of 140 vendors and to be accepted as a vendor you have to have made, built or grown the items yourself. The island has a population of 10,000 which triples during the summer. 

There are an abundance of arts/crafts folk on the island and the place has a 'hippie' feel, strong on environment and all that fufu without all the prissiness. From what I've read it is a very relaxed environment (too relaxed?) and only the tourists are dressed to impress. This works for us .

The only problem so far? There are no laundry facilities on the entire island and you cannot hang laundry at the campground.... thoughts anyone? I know there are some wash/spin machines but it still needs to dry somehow...


Our house sale did not close on Wednesday as expected, while disappointing its not a shock as nothing works properly in 'hell' - must be the heat. (See my point Anonymous commenter?)

So we are sorting that out. 


Meanwhile we have also decided to sell our property in California. Yeah, yeah, I know...

When talking about going south this winter, we decided we didn't want to end up stuck in 'hostile' territory should Trump's rhetoric against Canada/ians get worse. This is the main reason we decided to look for a position in BC for the winter in the first place. 

We were planning to keep the property in California until we realized that Trump has 2 years left and will likely get a second term, leaving us paying for a site we can't use for potentially as many as 6 years. So, sell it we are. This sucks because we met some great people at the resort and we were really looking forward to seeing them again.

Suffice to say we are taking all this is stride. No kidding, it is never dull around here.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

We're Baaacckkk!

We have survived yet another trip to hell and back.

I don't have time to write at the moment but stay tuned because we have a plan....

No surprise there, right?!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Arrived and Internet situ

So we have made it here, as you can see in the pics below.

A wee bit foggy on the highway

AAH! Large comfort once again.

Sure will miss this place.

As for the internet, we had it disconnected when we left and obviously won't re-connect it for 5 days so we have managed to link to a neighbours wifi using the extender our friends back at the park gave us - Thanks guys!

So while it works, it is a little shaky at times much like at the park. There is enough though that I can still watch Big Brother (yes, I'm an addict) which I did this morning and I can get some posts out. However, we will be very busy getting the place packed and ready to go for the new owners, so I will likely not be putting out too many posts the next few days.

Unless all hell breaks loose again which we are hoping will not happen. Pray God they will leave us alone so we can get the hell out of here!!

Monday, 6 August 2018

While we were offline....

Here are some pics I found on my phone from several days ago when my site was down for the count...

We were in Canmore last week and stopped for lunch at one of our favourite places:

This is an Old English Hotel/Restaurant/Pub in Canmore
from a bygone era.

Hope you enjoy the pics

Fantastic large fireplace and Brad & Robbie of course

The Pub

It was raining off and on but these are some pics of the outside deck area

Tons of flowers surrounding the outside deck

This is a model of the building

Mountain climbers

This is an old mining town...

Its all natural gas nowadays...

Chicken Pot Pie with salad

Yorkshire stuffed with Roast Beef with mash

A fire in the backcountry caused much smoke in town

Photo Bombed - hey Mr.!

The smoke helps to see the different layers of mountains that without the smoke just looks like one big mass.

You can barely make out Three Sisters Mountain in the background through the smoke
Saw this carpet covered van in the grocers parking lot... couldn't resist a pic

Okay, so now the Blog is back up I will begin taking pics once again. Spent all my free time the last week or so trying to get the bloody blog working again, what a frustration! Over now so we shall carry on.

Tomorrow night we fly out to our house to clear all of our belongings and do a few odds and ends. 

We are putting everything in storage until next spring when we hope to have time to drive it across the country (a week long drive), see friends and family and escape the hell we have been in for 8 years. The countdown is on, possession day is but 9 days away...

For those just joining us, HERE is a link to the first post should you be inclined to catch up: The next post is accessible from the bottom of each post, just click 'newer post'. When I started researching the RVLife, I read each blog from the start. For me, it helps me to get a 'feel' of the people I'm following.

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