Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More shoppiing and dinner out

We spent the day organizing around home. Brad switched the water filter to be before the water softener as has been suggested by a couple of friends, I had meant to but at the time of hookup I didn't bother to switch it so it was nice to have that done.

I went all around the site laying ant killer, I had seen a couple of lines of the buggers and didn't want them to get out of hand so decided to do a preemptive strike on their homeland. I will most likely pick up some more of that stuff and do a round every month until we leave. It is supposed to be effective for 3 months but I'm not a very trusting person of corporations...

We then went shopping and got a couple of plants and pots to put strategically around the living room area to block the view of the neighbours utility area and generally make the place a little prettier. Poor Robbie had so be squished in the back seat with the plants.

Finding his wild side

OMG Mum, this is ridiculous!

I want to plant Lemon, Lime and Orange trees around the site and I found them at Lowe's yesterday. Only reaching a max of 10ft that would be perfect. As this resort is a condo corporation and I have seen them in here in pots but not planted I have to find out if they will allow me to plant them or if I have to put them in pots also. Perhaps I will inquire into that today.

Orange tree

Lemon tree

Lime tree


We returned home and Brad promptly got to work potting the new plants, had a quick chat with Karen & Dave who we had dinner plans with in Temecula.

Tuesday nights at 6pm is when The Curse of Oak Island is on and after enjoying a pleasant visit over supper at Chili's with Dave & Karen we bee-lined it back home so we wouldn't miss it. Brad also watches Hunting Hitler which comes on right afterwards, I follow that one in the background but I wouldn't say I watch it.

We had a nice quiet evening inside last night just the two of us and Robbie. It's been so hectic around here we haven't done that for quite awhile.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Thought it would be a quiet day

When we woke up yesterday we had our morning coffee on the internet as per. Brad had a massage at 10am and I planned to get some organizing done around here, given our new situation we will be able to leave some things behind when we return to Canada, so my plan was to go through the entire rig and pull out what we won't need for the trips back and forth.

Then I remembered I had to do laundry.... off I go to get that on the go. Set my phone timer so I wouldn't forget it - I usually do and that's not conducive to laundromats. Then while waiting for my timer to ring, I got to work on the inside of the rig. Moved several things like PFD's, tackle box, etc. outside into our locked deck boxes and when I returned from picking up the finished laundry His Lordship was home, weeding - again.

We had a new visitor, Bill drop by to say hello. Bill is a fellow Canuck just down the road and while talking to him, Dwayne came by to show Brad a few things about our new water softener.

This site was not maintained for ages and while weeding Brad uncovered (literally) 6 sprinkler heads that weeds had grown over. As I came back out from putting the laundry inside, I noticed Bob (new guy in our old site) walking across the creek with 2 glasses. He very thoughtfully had seen Brad outside working and made him a Vodka/Tonic (I think it was), of course I wasn't home at the time but I had an OJ on the go already so we visited with Bob for awhile.

During that visit, Karen & Dave drove in, literally with their Golf Cart right to the back where we were sitting LOL. Chatted briefly and then they were off, Karen returned later for a visit while Dave was out gallivanting in the desert. He likes to take long walks.

While chatting with Karen I got a text from Vickie that she was having an impromptu goodbye party for her daughter, who's name is Alondra btw (I couldn't remember it in a previous post).

At said party all the regulars were there and I even managed a picture or two of Brent who I hadn't captured at our party the night before.

Brent with Brad

L-R: George, Vickie, Lisa (background), Bruce, Alondra, Brad, Janice, Dave, Rob and Andy

L-R: Alondra, Lisa, Brent, Gus (the dog) and Bruce who stuck his tongue out and is now on the internet mostly because I'm mean that way. :) That'll learn ya!

I never did get to sorting through the outside bays so that will be my job tomorrow since we already have enough going on today and it's only 7am. Brad is feeling the effects of the two 'Vickie' drinks he had last night.... she's heavy on the booze, along with the one Bob brought over. The chronology of today's events are not guaranteed, btw... I am blonde after all.

Now to get at this day before it gets away from us....

Monday, 15 January 2018

We had a party and I need your input

What a fantastic day yesterday. To celebrate our new site purchase we had a gathering of our new found friends and what a blast we had. We had invited people over for 2pm and we were prepped and ready by 1pm so...
Chillin' out in the shade of our umbrella

Robbie even got in on the shade. We have designated the footstool as his 'chair'.

Honestly, we don't drink much I swear.

Picnic table set up with snacks and 60's on 6 playing on the stereo.

Umbrella gives good shade.

Gives a good idea of the size of our site, if you can see the seating area in the back there...

Karen let me borrow her hat since I was the only one in the sun.

L-R: Dwayne, Patty, Terry, Dave, Karen, Brad, Richard, Della (dog)

L-R: Ken, Marla, Brad, Dwayne, Patty

L-R: Cooper (dog), Dwayne, Patty, Vickie, Lisa, George, Bruce, Gus (dog)

Andy is far left with Brad... somehow I missed Brent (oops)

At some point we noticed an RV trying to back in to our old site across the creek with a 5er. Once they were reasonably settled, I went over and introduced myself. Bob and Barb seemed nice and were certainly exhausted so I invited them to come over once they were sufficiently settled in.

Bob & Barb joined us about 30 min later and once everyone was introduced Brad got the BBQ going. I ran inside and prepped some lettuce and tomatoes for burgers while Brad cooked them up. With a couple of left over salads from the other night and all the chips and snacks from the party, it was an easy do to feed so many people. There was so much going on that I didn't get a picture of Bob & Barb but I suspect we will have plenty of time for that since they'll be here for a month (at least).

I know we had a fantastic time and all our guests seemed to as well so I think it's safe to say our first party here at the resort was a resounding success. Big thanks to everyone for attending!

Now for your input....

Our RV has a sliding window on the side and the lock/pull piece has come off. I can't find out how to fix it. I've checked YouTube and there doesn't seem to be anything on there. Inside the metal arm there is a rubber thingy and we've tried to put the rubber thingy on then put the metal part over the top but that's too tight to go on. If you put the rubber thingy in the metal part and put it on then the rubber thingy get's all bunched up and won't go on.... ANYONE know how I can fix this??? Please help because it's going to drive me bananas until I get it fixed. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

We have the site set up

It was a long day yesterday, Brad was outside around 8am (extremely early for him) and I was fuddling around inside. The livingroom area was power washed and we waited for it to dry.

I went to town to get some groceries and stuff for today's gathering. We are having friends over to celebrate our new site this afternoon. In this resort, wine is a must and we just don't drink the stuff... not sure we needed it though since a neighbour tells us gatherings are BYOB around here, our experience so far has been with the Entegra group so provide it we did. Not like the stuff will go off, and Brad's Mum likes it so it will disappear eventually.

We had the livingroom set up behind the rig to await power washing of the circle.

Before Powerwash

After Powerwash

Brad spent a lot of time power washing the concrete and it sure was worth every minute. His body has been paying for the effort but the pad looks fantastic. He spent a full hour or more on one particularly bad section that I didn't think would be salvageable and voila it looks great.

While I was shopping I picked up some solar landscaping lights and a string of 'Edison type' lights which I wasn't sure Brad would like, but he does so we'll be getting some more to cover the edge of the circle, giving us some much needed light in the back corner.

While I was out shopping Brad assembled the fire pit coffee table and moved all the livingroom furniture over to its rightful place and it looks amazing!

We haven't bought a dinette yet so we moved the picnic table behind the rig and I draped a tablecloth on it since it's so ugly. We had intended to have maintenance remove it but for now I think it should stay since we seem to be having a lot of meals with neighbour friends Dave & Karen. At least until we find our new dinette set. We actually had a conversation about not needing a dinette but we have the space and I can't think of anything else to do with it... suggestions welcome.

The pile at the bottom of this pic is collapsed boxes awaiting pick up

I also went to the HOA office to get our remote control gate openers so we don't have to deal with security all the time. They also gave us our Golf Bag tags, not sure we'll ever have Golf Bags but we're thinking about it since golfing is free for us as owners.

To finish out our day we had Dave & Karen over for supper, we BBQ'd steak and had Greek, Potatoe and Macaroni salads and Dave & Karen brought Pork Tenderloin, Rice and Chef's salad. Quite the gut bash we had last night! After dinner we sat around our new fire pit and simply enjoyed each others company for awhile with a little drink to help wash down dinner, then Eclairs for dessert. A week ago I introduced Karen to the Smirnoff Variety pack and have now created a monster LOL

Relaxing with friends

I'm loving this fire pit

Thanks for popping in and following our life adventures, plenty more to come in the future so stay tuned.

PS We have a showing on our house at this very moment. Here's hoping...

Saturday, 13 January 2018

We have moved in

It was a busy day yesterday, we had to go into Temecula to get a power washer so Brad could clean the pad before we moved in. We knew that closing yesterday was going to be likely and we were excited enough to move asap. (Escrow closed around 3pm)

While we were at Lowe's we also bought a new BBQ and rented the 'Lowe's truck' (a 1/2 ton you can rent by the hour to take your purchases home). Once we returned home Dave & Karen came over to help us offload and I ran over to our rig and got it set to move, putting things away and closing the slide. We didn't have official confirmation of the close at that point but had been given permission to move over regardless.

Dave then followed me back to Lowe's to return the truck and return me to the resort, Thanks neighbour. While we were doing that Brad was finishing the power wash and took the RV for a propane fill.

Once back home I drove the rig around the corner to our new site and Brad and I got it set up in short order and began to assemble the new fire pit coffee table but the sun was about to settle so we called it a day and went to The 15th Hole with Dave & Karen for supper. They had run out of Lasagna (it was Pasta night), coleslaw and french fries, so burgers it was.

After supper we went over to help Dave & Karen with a small project and then we all went over to sit at the fire pit on our old site since we didn't get our new pit assembled and Dave needs to refill the tank on his. Had a good long gab session before heading home for the night.

It wasn't until this morning when I sat down to write that I realized I hadn't taken any pictures so will remedy that today and have some nice pictures of the new site as we have it arranged. Our rig is tiny compared to the vast majority of 45 footers in this resort, and our site is already pretty large so it looks even smaller but we have more 'living' room this way and allows us plenty of room for a larger rig eventually.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Are we closing today?

Brad & I went to Lowe's a couple nights ago and bought some stuff for the new site. A fire pit table, 3 storage boxes and an outdoor area rug. We don't have the means to carry it home in our Jeep so we'll be either picking it up (apparently Lowe's has a 1/2 ton truck you can 'borrow' for $20/hr) or having it delivered.

We also picked up some concrete cleaner and yesterday Brad went over to remove the rust stains from the new pad. He also did some weeding in the main flowerbed, he knows he always suffers after doing weeding but he finds it calming and relaxing so there was no stopping him, although I did try to stop him 3 times telling him there would be plenty of time and that he didn't have to do it all in one sitting.... men! This morning he is suffering...

We had a call from the realtor office here yesterday advising that Escrow has everything in and would like to close today, would that be acceptable to us? Well, yes! I assume they have to get permission from all parties and they would get back to us when it was official. ..... ..... ..... didn't hear anything back the rest of the day, perhaps this morning?......

Brad will be doing a power wash of the pad today and I will be organizing the rig. I want to get some things better arranged and also need to prep for the move around the corner.

I took some pictures yesterday but Brad is using my phone since his got wet when he spilled his coffee on it this morning (hopefully it's not hooped) after I asked him to get the dog some food which sits behind his favourite reclining chair. Prime example of why I just do stuff and don't ask for help.

Interesting tidbit we learned: Lowe's has a 10% discount for Military/Veterans which saved us a nice chunk when we were shopping there the other night. Even though we're Canadian, so we thought that was impressive. Just show your Military ID.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Prezzies and the 5er is gone

Monday we went to the post office to pick up our Golf Cart charger and low and behold - the Xmas gift we had given up on from Brad's brother in England was there also! Bonus. We rushed home and opened the gift...

I had written a post about how Xmas just wasn't Xmas without Quality Street and I hadn't been able to find any here in the U.S. Clearly my Brother-in-law loves us and sent some of the good stuff to keep us in good mojo for the coming year. Thanks Bro!

Our other package was the Golf Cart Charger... and this one works! Expensive but without it the cart is useless so I guess its a must have. I'll be changing my name to Katie Andretti... lol

Yesterday the current owner arrived with a tow truck to remove his Fifth Wheel from the lot. They kerfuffled around for a long while and then we could hear that they couldn't get the tow truck to start! Karen and I were watching out our respective windows since it was pouring rain yesterday. I eventually gave up because it was taking too long. Then Karen texted to say 'you know your lot is big when you can turn around on it'. Apparently the current owner who's car is parked there beside the 5er did just that. The pictures don't do justice to how big the lot is. It will look even bigger with our tiny rig on it.

We received the Escrow paperwork yesterday and had to run in to Temecula to get it Notarized and do the wire transfer to Escrow. Our part of this deal is finished, now we are just in a holding pattern. The current owner left behind the truck attachment portion of the 5er, don't know if he's coming back for it or what?! We don't expect to need it... we don't think.... hmmm, perhaps......

Monday, 8 January 2018

Our New Pad

Awhile back I said I'd take pictures of our new site here which we move into on Sunday, yesterday I remembered to take them. It doesn't look like much at the moment and the current owners 5er is still on it but...

Roughly 40' x 80'

Our Ace will leave tons of room until we find something bigger

This site shows a 2-tiered build out which I would like to duplicate on our site

Obviously we have a great deal of space on our new site and many many options of what to do with it. We've agreed to live on it for the rest of this season and figure out how we use the space before making any alterations. As an example: I know where I want my kitchen but sun placement, etc. will determine whether that is truly a good spot.

Karen, our neighbour is all happy because David made it back yesterday from his trip North to get their car. It's a little tight with a truck, car and golf cart at the front of their site but the truck will be returning home eventually. Now that they have purchased their own site the won't be moving their 5er at all.

Yesterday afternoon we stopped by Vickie and Bruce's only to discover they had a crowd, again. We visited for a little while and then came home. Around 9:30pm someone was banging on our door - yup, Vickie. They were taking Gus (dog) for a golf cart ride (he has a thing about golf cart rides), they hadn't been able to take him earlier since everyone was still visiting them and had only just left apparently.

It was decided that we should have a party when we move to our new site. Vickie will advise everyone. I offered to have it at her site but noooo. Don't know what the hell she was thinking, we came down here to go 'camping' and I am not prepared to entertain. I have nothing to accomplish such a feat including ice! She knows this.... no seating, no cups, no ice. Should be a great party --- VICTORIA!!!! 

I'll have to call her and put a stop to this.... I'm sure that won't go over well.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Joker lives, Cribbage and Prime Rib

I had to run to the office yesterday and jumped into Joker (Golf Cart) to get there. Nothing. Totally dead, damn. The 'fuel gage' said it was full... damn thing must not work. Plugged her in. Nothing. Charger doesn't work. WTH?! The previous owner had left both Joker and her charger outside to be sun beaten and sprinkled on and the poor thing just gave up the ghost.

Waited for Brad to wake up enough to let him know our brand new batteries were dead and there was nothing we could do about it. He went and had a look, nothing.

Karen drove me over to 'the Golf Cart' guys here in the resort but he didn't have one to spare. After much research we ordered one from Amazon Prime which will arrive on Monday $270US. No Joker until it arrives...

After a while Brad says," I think I left it on 'maintenance'".... whaaa? Sure enough there is a maintenance switch and it was flipped when he was cleaning the battery compartment. Once we put it back on 'run' Joker was working. Good news is the charger was still hooped so at least we have that coming but the batteries are still charged until it arrives.

Vicky and Bruce stopped by to show off her daughter (her name escapes me, I'm terrible with names) who just arrived for a holiday with the old folks- lovely girl, very pretty and sharp. At the same time Karen came over because she and I had a date to play Crib. I'm not very good at Crib... she beat me both games.

After the Cribbage match Brad and I went to the new restaurant in the resort, The 15th Hole, now open to the public. Prime Rib night and it was really fantastic. The restaurant has only been open since Monday and they are still working out some glitches which is to be expected but that Prime Rib (actually more of a steak) tasted soooo good. (There is no link to the restaurant as yet) but the address can be found here.

We went to Vicky and Bruce's after supper and had a short visit, they were quite tired but were still waiting on the Crock Pot to finish the Chicken.... Vic, get a damn Instant Pot! While there Brad broke one of their chairs... not saying a word about that! Apparently it was a problematic chair already they assured us. Brad offered to replace it but I guess they are getting new ones anyway.

We were going to put the firepit on but it was a fairly warm night anyway so we just sat inside and I read while Brad watched TV. Too bone-idle to spark a flame.

I have added the Bloggerfest advert I stole from Our Awesome Travels to the sidebar, I'm sure George won't mind. I figured with at least one comment from a fellow Blogger who had not heard of it, it would be worthwhile to have it there. Jan 27th, Quartzsite LTVA South Pavilion.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

What to do about BloggerFest

I was reminded this morning about Bloggerfest coming up Jan 27th in Quartzsite's LTVA South, while I have been aware of it and had full expectations of attending, given our change of life plans I checked this morning to see how long the drive is to Quartzsite. 3 hours. I really want to attend and so will be giving this a lot of consideration.

With so many people both Bloggers and Vloggers in the area, it would be a hell of an event to miss! I've been following these people for so long, I would hate to miss the opportunity to meet some of them. I can only imagine how it will go when I tell Brad we have to drive 3 hours each way to go though...

Brad went to town yesterday to take care of some business regarding the purchase of our new lot and while he was gone I got to work. With 1.5 inches of rain in the forecast I wanted to get some caulking on a spot I had noticed.

The resort has a company that looks after gardening issues for owners and I spotted Glenda when I was puttering so asked her to pop over when she was finished what she was already into. Our new site has about 9 palm trees surrounding it and they need trimming - badly. 4 of those are bigger ones which are actually on the neighbours property, the problem is that these palm trees have been known to have ants in them and I do not want them getting on the top of our rig.

I stopped over and introduced myself to Ken, our new neighbour and inquired about the trees. I was hoping to get permission to have them trimmed but as it turns out, he has already got someone coming on Monday. Perfect.

I also went to the real estate office to have them ask the current owner of our lot for permission to cut the trees on our site, I want them trimmed 'before' we bring the rig over there. Permission was received.

When Glenda returned with our quote, $100 for 5 trees, we accepted it. For now this works, in future I think we will be finding another alternative. Dave & Karen have suggested we go halves on a clipper gadget we can both use.

Brad returned with groceries, including 3 steaks. We invited Karen over for a BBQ supper as Dave is away for a few days. We had a lovely supper of Steak, Greek Salad and Cole Slaw, then Brad went inside to watch the Canada vs Sweden hockey game (Canada won 3-1).

Karen and I played Dice outside until well into the dark. Haven't met anyone else who plays Dice so it was a nice surprise when Karen asked if we knew it. We have plans tonight to play some Crib (I'll try to remember pictures), and one of these days we shall teach both Dave & Karen how to play Kaiser. Look forward to that as we haven't played Kaiser for years. Very few people know the game and no one ever cares enough to learn.

Friday, 5 January 2018

The votes are in

The results are in: Joker with 58% of the votes, is the new name for the Golf Cart.

RV = Ace
Jeep = Deuce
Golf Cart = Joker

For Xmas my wonderful husband got me a 1 hour massage. I scheduled it for yesterday since he also had a massage for that day previously scheduled (he goes every week due to injuries).

Tiffany was the girl that looked after me and she was great! Not too much talking, just the right amount of chatter while still allowing me to relax. I carry everything in the upper shoulders and she had a fun time trying to get rid of it. I was relieved after the massage not to have any residual pain from the treatment... until last night. I was sitting up reading on the couch and realized it hurt where she had been doing her magic. Only when my back was touching something though, my arms were still moveable without pain of any kind... of course, I sleep on my back... needless to say...

6:30 this morning the dog wanted to go out! Naturally.

After our massages, we drove straight over to 'Five Guys' as we'd heard so much about it from so many people that we just had to try it. We enjoyed it. The burger was flavourful and the fries were cooked to perfection.

Today Brad is going to town do run some errands and I have plans to get some 'stuff' done around here... need to find myself an Angel. (explanation in next post)

Thursday, 4 January 2018

What we've been doing

It's been a few days since I posted a blog so today I will catch you up.

New Years Eve we spent with friends doing a Scavenger Hunt. We were all split up into teams and sent off to find a long list of items... Brad's team placed 2nd and my team came in last... the point of course was to have fun, not to win.

My team with one find

A couple of days ago, Brad and I went into Temecula to see a movie 'All the money in the world'. It was good, but long and drawn out. Upon leaving the theatre we saw this just outside the doors at Promenade mall.

Beautiful Xmas display

I tried to get a picture of the palm trees all lit up at night when we returned from the movie, but it didn't work out so well. I got 3/30...

One of our neighbours down the road has this full on Xmas display on her corner site. Usually the santa in a chimney is lit up on the roof but not when I was taking this picture.

On Tuesday we decided to ask the realtor to inquire if we could have access to the Golf Cart which is part of the site sale prior to closing. The seller agreed and so yesterday we went to grab the old batteries out of her and headed in to Temecula for new ones. We had to put air in some tires on her as well. It will be a few days of driving around before the squareness is gone I think. Once it was running properly, we drove it around the block to our current site and shined her up... looks pretty good, certainly better as it was definitely 'the ugly duckling' of the resorts many Golf Carts.

Old batteries loaded

In need of a wash

New batteries put in her

Looking snazzy

Brad and I cannot decide on what to call her, so I suggested a poll... you will find a poll at the top right of this webpage to help us decide what to call the Golf Cart. Remember, the RV is called Ace, the Jeep is called Deuce....

Only 24 hours... make your choice now.

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