Saturday, 27 January 2018

Adding a bit of colour

I went to PickleBall with our neighbour Barb yesterday morning and caught on to a few more details of the game. Its the 1st/2nd serve thing that is throwing me off... not to mention you don't score unless you served... and since 2002 my short-term memory is almost void so I find myself really struggling just to remember who served the ball 30 seconds ago.... now if we could pause the game and wait 5 minutes until the information meanders its way to my long-term memory, I'd have no trouble at all, unfortunately.... that's not an option.

We added a bit of colour yesterday... Brad went to town while I was at Pickleball and picked up some soil and flowers to brighten the site up a bit. This site was, you know... that site that everyone talks about before we bought it, so there was quite a lot of work to be done, and still there is plenty more we'd like to do but some things will have to wait until next season.

I think he's getting used to this version of 'Camping'

Flowers for the yard

Fresh soil for the planting areas

Ready to be raked

Discovered that one of the sprinkler lines had broken. Maintenance was quick to repair it.

Raked and ready

Determining positions

All finished

Adds a nice touch, I think.

Unfortunately, we're not going to make it to Bloggerfest this year, Brad just isn't up to it right now. We have a lot on our plates at the moment with 'life stuff', so I just have to bear with him and help him get through it. We hope everyone has a great time and hopefully we will get to it next year.


  1. You guys are really making some nice changes to your site. Be sure to save something for next year!

  2. Getting things all together and will be able to do more next year.

    1. We're looking forward to next season already. Hope you enjoyed Bloggerfest today, sorry we couldn't make it.


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