Friday, 12 January 2018

Are we closing today?

Brad & I went to Lowe's a couple nights ago and bought some stuff for the new site. A fire pit table, 3 storage boxes and an outdoor area rug. We don't have the means to carry it home in our Jeep so we'll be either picking it up (apparently Lowe's has a 1/2 ton truck you can 'borrow' for $20/hr) or having it delivered.

We also picked up some concrete cleaner and yesterday Brad went over to remove the rust stains from the new pad. He also did some weeding in the main flowerbed, he knows he always suffers after doing weeding but he finds it calming and relaxing so there was no stopping him, although I did try to stop him 3 times telling him there would be plenty of time and that he didn't have to do it all in one sitting.... men! This morning he is suffering...

We had a call from the realtor office here yesterday advising that Escrow has everything in and would like to close today, would that be acceptable to us? Well, yes! I assume they have to get permission from all parties and they would get back to us when it was official. ..... ..... ..... didn't hear anything back the rest of the day, perhaps this morning?......

Brad will be doing a power wash of the pad today and I will be organizing the rig. I want to get some things better arranged and also need to prep for the move around the corner.

I took some pictures yesterday but Brad is using my phone since his got wet when he spilled his coffee on it this morning (hopefully it's not hooped) after I asked him to get the dog some food which sits behind his favourite reclining chair. Prime example of why I just do stuff and don't ask for help.

Interesting tidbit we learned: Lowe's has a 10% discount for Military/Veterans which saved us a nice chunk when we were shopping there the other night. Even though we're Canadian, so we thought that was impressive. Just show your Military ID.


  1. Nice to get things done and good luck with the closing.

  2. Funny you used the word hooped. Here in Mexico I used it with some American friends and they had no idea what it meant. Nor did they know the word skookum

    1. I had to look up skookum but its funny that you used the word 'Nor' as I had written it yesterday and then changed the wording...


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