Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More shopping and dinner out

We spent the day organizing around home. Brad switched the water filter to be before the water softener as has been suggested by a couple of friends, I had meant to but at the time of hookup I didn't bother to switch it so it was nice to have that done.

I went all around the site laying ant killer, I had seen a couple of lines of the buggers and didn't want them to get out of hand so decided to do a preemptive strike on their homeland. I will most likely pick up some more of that stuff and do a round every month until we leave. It is supposed to be effective for 3 months but I'm not a very trusting person of corporations...

We then went shopping and got a couple of plants and pots to put strategically around the living room area to block the view of the neighbours utility area and generally make the place a little prettier. Poor Robbie had so be squished in the back seat with the plants.

Finding his wild side

OMG Mum, this is ridiculous!

I want to plant Lemon, Lime and Orange trees around the site and I found them at Lowe's yesterday. Only reaching a max of 10ft that would be perfect. As this resort is a condo corporation and I have seen them in here in pots but not planted I have to find out if they will allow me to plant them or if I have to put them in pots also. Perhaps I will inquire into that today.

Orange tree

Lemon tree

Lime tree


We returned home and Brad promptly got to work potting the new plants, had a quick chat with Karen & Dave who we had dinner plans with in Temecula.

Tuesday nights at 6pm is when The Curse of Oak Island is on and after enjoying a pleasant visit over supper at Chili's with Dave & Karen we bee-lined it back home so we wouldn't miss it. Brad also watches Hunting Hitler which comes on right afterwards, I follow that one in the background but I wouldn't say I watch it.

We had a nice quiet evening inside last night just the two of us and Robbie. It's been so hectic around here we haven't done that for quite awhile.


  1. Maybe planting the trees in pots is a good idea to start with. You can move them around to the ideal spot and then, if the rules allow, you can plant them permanently. Have fun!

    1. I actually spoke to someone who has them yesterday and apparently they don't do so well in the sandy soil here so pots it will be.


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