Monday, 8 January 2018

Our New Pad

Awhile back I said I'd take pictures of our new site here which we move into on Sunday, yesterday I remembered to take them. It doesn't look like much at the moment and the current owners 5er is still on it but...

Roughly 40' x 80'

Our Ace will leave tons of room until we find something bigger

This site shows a 2-tiered build out which I would like to duplicate on our site

Obviously we have a great deal of space on our new site and many many options of what to do with it. We've agreed to live on it for the rest of this season and figure out how we use the space before making any alterations. As an example: I know where I want my kitchen but sun placement, etc. will determine whether that is truly a good spot.

Karen, our neighbour is all happy because David made it back yesterday from his trip North to get their car. It's a little tight with a truck, car and golf cart at the front of their site but the truck will be returning home eventually. Now that they have purchased their own site the won't be moving their 5er at all.

Yesterday afternoon we stopped by Vickie and Bruce's only to discover they had a crowd, again. We visited for a little while and then came home. Around 9:30pm someone was banging on our door - yup, Vickie. They were taking Gus (dog) for a golf cart ride (he has a thing about golf cart rides), they hadn't been able to take him earlier since everyone was still visiting them and had only just left apparently.

It was decided that we should have a party when we move to our new site. Vickie will advise everyone. I offered to have it at her site but noooo. Don't know what the hell she was thinking, we came down here to go 'camping' and I am not prepared to entertain. I have nothing to accomplish such a feat including ice! She knows this.... no seating, no cups, no ice. Should be a great party --- VICTORIA!!!! 

I'll have to call her and put a stop to this.... I'm sure that won't go over well.


  1. Wow, nice site. Lots of potential there. No end to the ways you can spend money! :-)

    1. That's hilarious! Brad said the same thing.... LOL


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