Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Prezzies and the 5er is gone

Monday we went to the post office to pick up our Golf Cart charger and low and behold - the Xmas gift we had given up on from Brad's brother in England was there also! Bonus. We rushed home and opened the gift...

I had written a post about how Xmas just wasn't Xmas without Quality Street and I hadn't been able to find any here in the U.S. Clearly my Brother-in-law loves us and sent some of the good stuff to keep us in good mojo for the coming year. Thanks Bro!

Our other package was the Golf Cart Charger... and this one works! Expensive but without it the cart is useless so I guess its a must have. I'll be changing my name to Katie Andretti... lol

Yesterday the current owner arrived with a tow truck to remove his Fifth Wheel from the lot. They kerfuffled around for a long while and then we could hear that they couldn't get the tow truck to start! Karen and I were watching out our respective windows since it was pouring rain yesterday. I eventually gave up because it was taking too long. Then Karen texted to say 'you know your lot is big when you can turn around on it'. Apparently the current owner who's car is parked there beside the 5er did just that. The pictures don't do justice to how big the lot is. It will look even bigger with our tiny rig on it.

We received the Escrow paperwork yesterday and had to run in to Temecula to get it Notarized and do the wire transfer to Escrow. Our part of this deal is finished, now we are just in a holding pattern. The current owner left behind the truck attachment portion of the 5er, don't know if he's coming back for it or what?! We don't expect to need it... we don't think.... hmmm, perhaps......


  1. Sounds like the pad will work wonderfully for the welcome to the neighbourhood party!

  2. Enjoy your Quality street, chocolates.


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