Friday, 5 January 2018

The votes are in

The results are in: Joker with 58% of the votes, is the new name for the Golf Cart.

RV = Ace
Jeep = Deuce
Golf Cart = Joker

For Xmas my wonderful husband got me a 1 hour massage. I scheduled it for yesterday since he also had a massage for that day previously scheduled (he goes every week due to injuries).

Tiffany was the girl that looked after me and she was great! Not too much talking, just the right amount of chatter while still allowing me to relax. I carry everything in the upper shoulders and she had a fun time trying to get rid of it. I was relieved after the massage not to have any residual pain from the treatment... until last night. I was sitting up reading on the couch and realized it hurt where she had been doing her magic. Only when my back was touching something though, my arms were still moveable without pain of any kind... of course, I sleep on my back... needless to say...

6:30 this morning the dog wanted to go out! Naturally.

After our massages, we drove straight over to 'Five Guys' as we'd heard so much about it from so many people that we just had to try it. We enjoyed it. The burger was flavourful and the fries were cooked to perfection.

Today Brad is going to town do run some errands and I have plans to get some 'stuff' done around here... need to find myself an Angel. (explanation in next post)