Monday, 22 January 2018

Water woes and Big thanks to Doug13

It's Monday and that means Brad has a massage. Great chance to get some stuff done.

I did a load of laundry and then set about dealing with our water tank. The water tank has been on my mind for a while now because the water in this resort is atrocious unless you run it through a filter and water softener. When we first arrived we didn't know this and I filled the water tank to full because at the time we didn't know how long we'd be here so get it while the getting's good....

However, we've been here almost 2 months now and that water has been sitting in there... and sitting in there.... So today, I resigned myself to deal with it. Drained the tank, refilled and drained, refilled and drained.... I was concerned about hard water settling in the pipes, water pump, etc. and yes, I ran it through the water pump as well as just dumping it.

Problem solved, the tank once again has water in it - only half full this time, and it's water that has been filtered and softened. One less thing to worry about.

Also, I had asked around yesterday if a couple of friends had a mallet since Doug13 commented with the how to for fixing the pull on our sliding window. That damn thing has been such a bloody nuisance. I had been sure that Brad took the mallet out of our tool bag before we left home saying we didn't need it. Perhaps I went Rogue and grabbed it anyway, I don't recall but today I decided to take a look and make sure I didn't have one. 

Voila, there she was in all her rubberized glory! 

Bradley..... oh, Bradley.....

Following the directions Doug13 gave me in that Blog's comments, we managed to put her back together again. Now I don't dare touch it until it dries completely, likely 24 hours in this heat but I will look at it carefully before we begin using it again to make sure it is good and dry. Then it will be time to clean the windows after that foaming stuff got everywhere.

This is a Bonus week.... tomorrow Brad is going to San Diego for something or other with our neighbour Dave. I'll let you know what it was when he brings me pictures.

Now.... what can I get up to tomorrow?! tee hee hee


  1. Glad everything worked with the glass and pull channel.
    Cheers Doug

    1. We never would have got that put on without you. Thanks so much.

  2. Nice that you got that window fixed all like new again, did you sanitizing the fresh water tank while you were at it always a good idea to kill any bacteria that may be hanging around.

    1. Yes I did, guess I forgot to mention that part.


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