Monday, 15 January 2018

We had a party and I need your input

What a fantastic day yesterday. To celebrate our new site purchase we had a gathering of our new found friends and what a blast we had. We had invited people over for 2pm and we were prepped and ready by 1pm so...
Chillin' out in the shade of our umbrella

Robbie even got in on the shade. We have designated the footstool as his 'chair'.

Honestly, we don't drink much I swear.

Picnic table set up with snacks and 60's on 6 playing on the stereo.

Umbrella gives good shade.

Gives a good idea of the size of our site, if you can see the seating area in the back there...

Karen let me borrow her hat since I was the only one in the sun.

L-R: Dwayne, Patty, Terry, Dave, Karen, Brad, Richard, Della (dog)

L-R: Ken, Marla, Brad, Dwayne, Patty

L-R: Cooper (dog), Dwayne, Patty, Vickie, Lisa, George, Bruce, Gus (dog)

Andy is far left with Brad... somehow I missed Brent (oops)

At some point we noticed an RV trying to back in to our old site across the creek with a 5er. Once they were reasonably settled, I went over and introduced myself. Bob and Barb seemed nice and were certainly exhausted so I invited them to come over once they were sufficiently settled in.

Bob & Barb joined us about 30 min later and once everyone was introduced Brad got the BBQ going. I ran inside and prepped some lettuce and tomatoes for burgers while Brad cooked them up. With a couple of left over salads from the other night and all the chips and snacks from the party, it was an easy do to feed so many people. There was so much going on that I didn't get a picture of Bob & Barb but I suspect we will have plenty of time for that since they'll be here for a month (at least).

I know we had a fantastic time and all our guests seemed to as well so I think it's safe to say our first party here at the resort was a resounding success. Big thanks to everyone for attending!

Now for your input....

Our RV has a sliding window on the side and the lock/pull piece has come off. I can't find out how to fix it. I've checked YouTube and there doesn't seem to be anything on there. Inside the metal arm there is a rubber thingy and we've tried to put the rubber thingy on then put the metal part over the top but that's too tight to go on. If you put the rubber thingy in the metal part and put it on then the rubber thingy get's all bunched up and won't go on.... ANYONE know how I can fix this??? Please help because it's going to drive me bananas until I get it fixed. 


  1. What you do is put the rubber glazing channel on the glass, spray the rubber and the metal pull channel with a foaming glass cleaner, then pound the pull back on evenly with a rubber mallet.

    1. Thanks so much. That makes sense as falls into what I was thinking might work, so thanks for that Doug.

  2. Sounds like a fun house warming party. Sorry no help with the window much different than ours.

  3. Your site sure is big, and I'm sure it will be a great winter home for you :-) Looked like a fun party!

    1. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and we've had many thank you's for the invite, so I think it went well.


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