Sunday, 14 January 2018

We have the site set up

It was a long day yesterday, Brad was outside around 8am (extremely early for him) and I was fuddling around inside. The livingroom area was power washed and we waited for it to dry.

I went to town to get some groceries and stuff for today's gathering. We are having friends over to celebrate our new site this afternoon. In this resort, wine is a must and we just don't drink the stuff... not sure we needed it though since a neighbour tells us gatherings are BYOB around here, our experience so far has been with the Entegra group so provide it we did. Not like the stuff will go off, and Brad's Mum likes it so it will disappear eventually.

We had the livingroom set up behind the rig to await power washing of the circle.

Before Powerwash

After Powerwash

Brad spent a lot of time power washing the concrete and it sure was worth every minute. His body has been paying for the effort but the pad looks fantastic. He spent a full hour or more on one particularly bad section that I didn't think would be salvageable and voila it looks great.

While I was shopping I picked up some solar landscaping lights and a string of 'Edison type' lights which I wasn't sure Brad would like, but he does so we'll be getting some more to cover the edge of the circle, giving us some much needed light in the back corner.

While I was out shopping Brad assembled the fire pit coffee table and moved all the livingroom furniture over to its rightful place and it looks amazing!

We haven't bought a dinette yet so we moved the picnic table behind the rig and I draped a tablecloth on it since it's so ugly. We had intended to have maintenance remove it but for now I think it should stay since we seem to be having a lot of meals with neighbour friends Dave & Karen. At least until we find our new dinette set. We actually had a conversation about not needing a dinette but we have the space and I can't think of anything else to do with it... suggestions welcome.

The pile at the bottom of this pic is collapsed boxes awaiting pick up

I also went to the HOA office to get our remote control gate openers so we don't have to deal with security all the time. They also gave us our Golf Bag tags, not sure we'll ever have Golf Bags but we're thinking about it since golfing is free for us as owners.

To finish out our day we had Dave & Karen over for supper, we BBQ'd steak and had Greek, Potatoe and Macaroni salads and Dave & Karen brought Pork Tenderloin, Rice and Chef's salad. Quite the gut bash we had last night! After dinner we sat around our new fire pit and simply enjoyed each others company for awhile with a little drink to help wash down dinner, then Eclairs for dessert. A week ago I introduced Karen to the Smirnoff Variety pack and have now created a monster LOL

Relaxing with friends

I'm loving this fire pit

Thanks for popping in and following our life adventures, plenty more to come in the future so stay tuned.

PS We have a showing on our house at this very moment. Here's hoping...


  1. Hoping you are Homeless soon, so you can continue Enjoying this wonderful Lifestyle.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Enjoy you new (Camp?) homesite looks wonderful.

  3. Wow. Looks wonderful!!! Very homey.

    1. Thanks FG! I can definitely get used to this... teehee

  4. Woo hoo on the house showing!! Hoping you are soon 'homeless' :D

    Love the new site and all you have done with it. :)


    1. Doesn't sound like it will amount to anything unfortunately. Drive too long this time. Patience... patience... but hopefully soon.


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