Thursday, 4 January 2018

What we've been doing

It's been a few days since I posted a blog so today I will catch you up.

New Years Eve we spent with friends doing a Scavenger Hunt. We were all split up into teams and sent off to find a long list of items... Brad's team placed 2nd and my team came in last... the point of course was to have fun, not to win.

My team with one find

A couple of days ago, Brad and I went into Temecula to see a movie 'All the money in the world'. It was good, but long and drawn out. Upon leaving the theatre we saw this just outside the doors at Promenade mall.

Beautiful Xmas display

I tried to get a picture of the palm trees all lit up at night when we returned from the movie, but it didn't work out so well. I got 3/30...

One of our neighbours down the road has this full on Xmas display on her corner site. Usually the santa in a chimney is lit up on the roof but not when I was taking this picture.

On Tuesday we decided to ask the realtor to inquire if we could have access to the Golf Cart which is part of the site sale prior to closing. The seller agreed and so yesterday we went to grab the old batteries out of her and headed in to Temecula for new ones. We had to put air in some tires on her as well. It will be a few days of driving around before the squareness is gone I think. Once it was running properly, we drove it around the block to our current site and shined her up... looks pretty good, certainly better as it was definitely 'the ugly duckling' of the resorts many Golf Carts.

Old batteries loaded

In need of a wash

New batteries put in her

Looking snazzy

Brad and I cannot decide on what to call her, so I suggested a poll... you will find a poll at the top right of this webpage to help us decide what to call the Golf Cart. Remember, the RV is called Ace, the Jeep is called Deuce....

Only 24 hours... make your choice now.


  1. How about "Joker" for the Golf Cart!

    Submitted by Mike AKA Arizona Rambler

    1. That is one of the options in the Poll. You were meant to click your choice. The Poll is in the top right of this page.


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