Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Summer plans

Monday morning I wasn't feeling very energetic, I had said I would walk with Roh again and although I had to force myself to get ready and go, I enjoyed it once I got going. We spent the entire hour gabbing and before we knew it we're done. Walking up to the house I see Brad pulling out of the driveway in the Jeep, I had completely forgotten it was Monday - massage day!

Rather than sit around until he returned, I decided to go to PickleBall. While walking past the courts I noted that there were a lot of people there so I popped over and managed to get 2 games in before realizing I was exhausted and heading home.

I am getting stir crazy with this weather. While the fact that it's cold outside isn't a big deal inside the rig, being in this small rig for extended periods is a bit draining. It's been almost 2 weeks of this cooler weather and it's not like we can run off to Oceanside or San Diego to get away from it - believe me, I checked. It's no better anywhere else reasonably close.

We left 'home' 6 months ago (tomorrow) and in some ways it doesn't seem nearly that long and in other ways it seems like that was a lifetime ago. We've been so many places and experienced so many new things, met so many new people, so far this life has been a blast. Well, except for the last 10 days or so..... with the cold temps and periodic rains. Good news is by Monday things are said to improve and who am I to argue.... bring it on, I say.

We have made arrangements for a summer spot, a resort kind of similar to this one but not quite. It has a restaurant and a golf course and they have sites for purchase also. It does not have PickleBall... but there is apparently PB in the local area so I'll likely check that out. There is paperwork which needs to be arranged but what a relief to have a plan.

Robbie is really excited to see Grandma, I've been telling him with words he understands that we will be going to Grandma's soon and his little tail wags and his eyes light up. He's so cute (get's that from my side of the family).

We are getting pretty excited to head 'home' and see everyone again. Especially the Grandkids. Brad's Mum has started her to-do list so that should keep us busy for a little while anyway. I will be having a bath, first thing! I so miss my 6 ft soaker tub at our house... there are hot tubs here at the resort but we haven't availed of them as yet. Once the weather picks up I'm sure I will be all over that.

Though there are 5 pools at this resort, the closest pool/hot tub is for Owner's only, once we became owner's we were busy beautifying our new site and then enjoying it. We did go to the pool one day though, that was the day that I realized I'd brought a swimsuit I've had since I was about 25. Spoiler alert: I'm not 25 anymore. This suit is high cut on the thighs and while I had that to flaunt many moons ago the sun has risen on my rear end many times since then! I have found the suit I want it is a swim dress with shorts... oh yeah! Perfect to cover up the 50 years (okay, 49) of flaws I've earned - the hard way, but earn them I did.

The spot we are planning to stay at with the RV in Canada is a reasonable drive to our home town where everyone except my Dad is. This will allow us to go for visits and still get away to our own spot. We have a favourite area where we will likely put down our 6 month roots and it is in the area of this site so that works out perfect, especially in the summer when it's so beautiful and there is so much to do. We'll be so busy that before we know it November will arrive and our return to Aguanga will be underway.

My morning Blog writing has been interrupted by PickleBall, so the schedule has definitely gone out the window. I'll have to consider going back to evening posts. It never occurs to me when I get home from PB. Uh Oh, speaking of PB, I see Terry getting in his golf cart... hmmm, better get myself beautified......

Monday, 26 February 2018

The lost blog - Nursery Visit

The weather the last week and a half has been shite. Some days it's been nice enough in the afternoons to spend time outside in the living room but last Thursday was not one of those days. When Brad went to San Diego with Dave awhile back he noticed a palm tree nursery on the I-15 and has been wanting to go there ever since. 

So Thursday we loaded all our kit in the Jeep and off we went to go see what we could see about some palm trees. Personally I don't get the palm tree thing, we have palm trees along the side of our site that we intend to do a build out on and are unable to plant any on the other side as that is the responsibility of our neighbour Ken... and we want to keep as much sunshine as possible.  Anyway, he wanted to go so go we did.

Love this bridge on the way towards San Diego, doesn't look as impressive in the picture but in person it looks like quite the engineering achievement.

Parking in the parking lot we noticed this sign on one of the dozens of massive palm trees surrounding the lot which advises not to park near the trees in strong winds as they could topple.... did I mention these massive trees surround the entire parking lot? Yeah.

This guy is cute, think I'll take him home with me...

Fairly large palm tree, not massive but likely 12 ft tall from the ground.

Same palm tree... $79,999.00 - not bloody likely.

Can't remember the name of this particular fan palm about 10 ft tall (approx. $500)

Brad and Robbie wandering in the palm tree jungle

Mexican Fan Palm about 6 ft tall (approx. $100)

We determined that the palms we like are these Mexican Fan Palms. Now we just have to figure out where he wants to put them, allowing for plenty of sunshine to warm us in these cold winter months and still allow for my Lemon, Lime and Orange trees I am determined to have.

This cold weather, we are advised, is almost over. By this time next week those in the know claim that we will be back into the 70's (20+C).

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Fun times at The Ranch

I went to Pickleball yesterday morning. There were only 4 people there (already playing) and I didn't know any of them. The good news in that is that there are another 4 people playing, the bad news is I think 2 of them are Debbie and her husband.... why is that a bad thing, you ask? Well, let me tell you about it....

Ever since I started playing here I've heard about this Debbie and her husband... sorry, I don't know his name. If I remember correctly they started the PickleBall here or manage it somehow. Of course this is all great news but ..... they have a swear jar! A swear jar!!

I had been hoping to be on our way home before this infamous couple arrived. I cannot afford to play around them. Did I mention I used to be a truck driver - yup, little old me and I have the required tongue for that job. Lord help me! This is going to be an expensive endeavor.

The swear jar funds are used to purchase new equipment at the Ranch ( the Ranch is what we call this resort as its name is Rancho California RV Resort. While I am happy to add to the coffers I know that every time I miss that damn ball either the F-bomb or some brown gooey stuff rolls off my tongue.

To add insult to injury, I have to willingly get up in the mornings, get beautified and rush over to get there on time to pay my money into the swear jar! Aaargh. I guess it's an opportunity to learn how to hold my tongue (my daddy will be happy), but ... I know myself.... I will make the effort though.

Last night was the very first Movie Night here at the Ranch. They played GeoStorm and about 30 people showed up. It was a great night, everyone brought their own drink, snack and chair. They plan to have a movie night every Friday - Nice. No driving anywhere, and it's free!! Part of our HOA fee ($420/month). Gotta love it.

Well it's almost 8:30 so I have to start my beautification process so I can rush over to the swear jar! Thanks for coming along.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Learning the hard way, Black Tank woes

So it turns out that Thor plumbs the bathroom sink into the black tank. Go ahead, ask me how I know this....

Since the water at the spigot froze the night before we decided to leave a drip on. Okay, so it was a teeny tiny stream but running was the point.... Woke up in the morning to find the bathroom sink half full of water. Wow, good thing I caught that before it overflowed!!!

Can't have my morning pee - guess why.... toilet bowl full. Clear water, but full nonetheless. Still having to pee, of course, I'm running around trying to figure out what the hell.... something froze? One problem at a time I think to myself. There is clearly a blockage in the sink line, so assuming something froze in there, I threw the kettle on for some hot water.

Run outside to check lines and drain hoses.... all good there. Back inside try to flush because damn it I have to PEE!! Black tank advises me (politely, at least) that it is full. WTF? Kettle ready so I dump it down the bathroom sink and Run outside and dump the black tank, now remember that I left the gray open.... aargh black was loaded for bear.

Back inside bowl and sink are now drained. Thank you! A girl has to pee when a girl has to pee. Closed the gray tank to collect water from the shower so I could rinse the hose after breakfast, which I did. Brad slept through the whole thing, Jus Sayin'...

Found out that THOR is their wisdom plumbs the bathroom sink and in some cases (not ours) even the shower directly into the black tank. THE SMALLEST TANK! I'd like 5 minutes with the genius who came up with that.

Fortunately, we were able to learn this the relatively easy way, but it could have been soooo very much worse.

Last night we left the kitchen sink to drip and the furnace which has a hose directed into the tank bay on and all is well in our world this morning.

Lesson learned: research the plumbing of your rig, do not make assumptions based on anything else.

And to add fuel to the fire, USA beat Canada in the Women's Olympic Hockey Final... Karen and Dave will never let us hear the end of that, especially since Brad made such a big deal about how Canada would beat them hands down.

The Weather Guessers are currently claiming a couple of cold nights to go, not below freezing but 0C/32F so rather than risk it I think we'll drip those nights too.

Now, about my legs. While I have sexy legs (not), after that walk with Roh, I was expecting them to be a bit sore, they were okay so I went to PickleBall the next morning. As soon as I got on the court, I felt them... not wanting them to 'atrophy' (my term, not technical- I assume you know what I mean) I've kept going each morning.... today, I'm staying home. Got to let them rest, I also have a sore spot around my right kidney too so that's that, staying put today.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Walk with Roh, Frozen and Solar Management

Went for a walk with Roh yesterday morning. She has a route that she takes and it manages to cover almost every square inch of asphalt and dirt path in the resort. Had a great time talking, I was very comfortable keeping up to her pace, at least I think I was keeping up to her pace, a little concerned that I was slowing her down because usually she jogs but yesterday was a walk.

It has been ages since I walked any significant distance and we did 4 miles yesterday so I was damn sure I'd be feeling that this morning, but so far so good...

Roh and her husband have been living in their RV since 2004 when she thought it would be a good idea to go look at one. When she entered she said, 'you could live in here' and the salesman replied, 'a lot of people do'.... the rest as they say, is history.

The weather is cool here, I can't say cold because - well, we're Canadian and that would just be weak ;) but our water hoses outside froze during the night. The pipes in the rig are fine, just the outside where it attaches to the spigot. We will have to discuss getting a heated hose but I'm just not sure how to do that when we have 3 seperate hose sections - spigot to filter, filter to softener and softener to rig. I will be looking into that this morning.

The sun is out now and hitting right at the hoses so it won't be long and they should melt and we'll be good to go once again. Not sure this will happen in sufficient time for my PickleBall beautification process, but I will be monitoring it - my public awaits LOL Might just go to the site showers this morning.

Brad also took Robbie for quite the walk yesterday, we are aware that this small rig is confining for him when it's cold like this outside. He is certainly excited to get to Grandma's house in April!

I should also mention, mostly so that I don't forget over the summer, that we have learned that Aguanga is pronounced Awanga, not Aguanga... I forgot to mention that when we discovered it about 6 weeks ago.

The time has come now for me to organize the RV again. This time in preparation for the trip home. There are a lot of things we will be able to leave behind instead of carrying them back and forth so I'd like to get at that. Also the site storage bins need to be better organized so that all of the seating cushions fit into one bin so that we can leave it unlocked should we decide to rent it out while we are away - not likely but still undecided. The other two bins will be locked.

Because the heat was on all night, our batteries did not fully charge overnight - a first. So I have yet to turn the solar on as I recall them saying they should be fully charged at least once a day. Annoying, but there you have it.

Actually not sure if I mentioned how we manage the solar:
We turn the solar on in the mornings while we are online and puttering around the rig, until around 3 or 4pm when we turn them off and run shore power to allow the sun to recharge them again before sunset, then back on during evening hours while we are again puttering around the rig and off for the overnight to allow them to recharge on the grid. This system allows us to use the grid generally only during off-peak hours.

Of course, this is not a set in stone system, it depends on the weather and cloud cover, but we just received our first bill from this site the other day and once again it was $0. Gotta love Solar! There was some sort of prorate issue something something to do with this billing cycle since we just purchased the lot, so not sure how that will play out on next months bill, but I know that our neighbours were also prorated and theirs was almost $100 if I remember correctly.

Anyway, time to get at the day.... thanks for dropping in and hope you make the most out of your next 24 hours! We... have to go shopping :(

Monday, 19 February 2018

Propane and Cleaning day

Remember that 5th wheel hitch that was left on our site when we bought it? Well we sold it the other night. A really nice couple (except she is 64 and looks 44, literally) bought it. They have ordered a 5th wheel and are excited to go on their own adventure. I don't think they're going Full Time but at least they'll be out there enjoying the country.

I went to PickleBall in the morning and played 2 games. Unfortunately, everytime I hit the ball I fouled it one way or another. Since they had some new players to the resort that hadn't played for a while but were well experienced, I figured I'd go home so that they could practice properly without me ballsing everything up all the time. I couldn't stay long anyway...

Our propane tank was showing empty yesterday so we finally had to move the rig. I hate this, not because it's a big ordeal but... well, I'm not sure why I hate this... but I do. On Sundays propane fills only between 10-11am so we needed to get at it since it after 10am when I got back from PickleBall.

The advantage to having such a small rig is that everything is always kept 'put away'. So to move we just have to secure Brad's computer, the kettle and the water jug.. then bring in the slide and disconnect. Simple really, I don't know why I get so distraught about having to move it. The entire process from take down to put up including the propane fill itself took about half an hour and that's because there was a line up at the propane tank.

Brad got the ladder out and cleaned the outside windows while I cleaned the inside windows, swept and tidied up a bit.

Spoke to my Grandkids on FaceTime and later in the day I was able to talk to my Daddy on FaceTime also, I'm a Daddy's Girl!!! I try to call every week so everyone knows we're okay and still love them.

Karen came by and I played her 3 hands of crib and then Brad and I played another 5. He and I are in a Crib Tournament of sorts and he's beating me --- again. It's so not fair. Doesn't he know I'm cute?! 

We had to get the outdoor living room put away (cushions, etc) because we were supposed to have a huge storm in the night..... Nothing.... there are slightly gray cumulous clouds coming over the hills so perhaps they just got the timing wrong...

Found out last night that the resort is starting a 'Movie Night' at the Main Club house - Friday's... that will be soooo awesome. Bring your own snacks and drinks... I can deal with that since I don't like the American popcorn. I know that sounds weird, but it is actually not the same as Canadian popcorn.

This morning I am walking with a new friend, Roh. So I have to go and make myself stunning beautiful... I'm looking forward to it because I know she is a fast walker, like me. My only concern is that I don't have a decent pair of runners. We had intended to boondock, so I brought an old cheapo pair.

Off to beautify, wish me luck.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Water Softener Recharge and Night out

Not really sure what we did all day yesterday...

I remember being late for PickleBall and no one was there by the time I arrived. Oh wait, I remember!

I recharged our On The Go Water Softener. It worked great. Had no trouble at all.

I detached the RV side of  the hose from the Water Softener, attached the 'specific to this procedure' remnant hose that I picked up for $7 at Home Depot and removed the cap. While pouring the salt in the top the water was rising inside and was very close to the brim. I realized that the Water Filter was holding water and the pressure in that side of the line was causing the water to enter, so I had to hold the red button on top of the filter down and this allowed the water to recede from the brim.

Managed to get both boxes of salt into the Water Softener, added 3 tablespoons of 'Rust Out', replaced the cap and turned the water on just enough for a reasonable flow which when through the remnant hose directly into the sewer drain. Left it running for 25 minutes at that flow and then increased the flow for another 5 minutes. Once that was done, I removed the remnant hose, cleaned it before putting it away and re-attached the RV hose to the Water Softener. While I was at it I also replaced the Water Filter with a new filter and was surprised the old one was only pink not shite brown like everyone else's I've seen in this park. That was about 3 weeks with that filter, so that's good.

Once I had everything connected back up, I came inside and did the dishes. This allowed the water lines to clear of the 'old' water which was obviously higher in hardness (hence why I recharged it) and replace it with the 'new' treated water. Only then did I test the water. 0 !!! Woohoo! Whew!

I figure if I replace the filter every 3 weeks and recharge the softener every 6... well, we'll see how it goes. I'll be monitoring the hardness and see how we do so that I can come up with a system. Of course, by the time I get that figured out we'll be heading home.

Only 6 weeks left in our little paradise here before we have to head back up to Spring.... Anyone know what the typical weather is in Calgary, AB and up the I-15 the first 2 weeks of April? it's been so long, I can't remember.

Bob & Barb left us some Pork Chops before they left and they wouldn't fit in our freezer so we had them thawing in the fridge. Brad decided he would BBQ them last night, with Apple Butter Sauce, pretty delicious, I must say. We also had some pick me up salads from Ralphs so it was an easy peasy meal for me.

Apple Butter BBQ'd Pork Chops

After supper, we went over to Karen and Dave's for a card night as it was cool outside last night. Played Crib, Dice, Kaiser and two games of pairs Crib. Had a lot of fun! Thanks guys, hopefully next season we can host you at our place for same ;) Then we sat around and chatted on their comfy furniture in their livingroom until about 10pm! Pretty late for us old fogies, but we managed.

Brad, Karen & Dave

And here it is 8:20am and I'm on schedule to be late for PickleBall - Again! Got to Go!

PS Someone commented on yesterday's post that JoJoBa RV Resort has super soft water, and I found out that it is because their wells are REALLY deep apparently. Thanks for that tidbit Commenter person. I don't have time at the moment to look you up but I will later.

PPS Bob & Barb arrived home to find that a good portion of their Sticks and Bricks home didn't have power. Something to do with the cable guy... I said it was a sign that they should sell everything and buy a lot here.... I don't think they believed me.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

A traumatic day for the heart

Yesterday, I woke up not even realizing it was Valentines Day! ....

I did my morning ritual on the computer and went to make myself stunning beautiful.... as I was getting in the shower, I sent a text to Bob & Barb to find out what time they were leaving so we could say our goodbyes. I thought they were going to be here until late morning.... I am putting the finishing touches on my personal work of art when I get a text from Barb.

Now. Come outside.

$*!%&... Brad literally has just climbed out of bed and now has to go outside... no coffee, no cigarette (yes, we know), pajamas... There they are, all hooked up and rolling. Absolutely heartbreaking. These two are the type of friends that you can just pick up with years later without missing a beat - you know the type. Fantastic people and we are so looking forward to seeing them next year.

Bob & Barb

I finish my stunningness and run off to PickleBall... where I was terrible. 3 games, lost them all... broken heart.

When I get home, Brad shocks the hell out of me by handing me a box of chocolates and a card! Bestest husband ever.... only problem is --- I forgot Valentines Day! Not that I forgot, I just thought it was still a week away.... Oops! We celebrate Valentine's Day as our Anniversary (13 years, btw) since we don't remember the date of our first date... somewhere towards the end of February, so we just use V-Day so ... we don't forget. Yup, I'm a heel.

Spent the rest of the day puttering around home and Brad gave Robbie a 'pretty' now he's beautified too.

Went to Temecula for a romantic dinner. We chose Thai Kitchen since it had good reviews. So glad we did. Thai Kitchen is a very nice restaurant with great ambiance, a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Our only issue was that we ordered our dishes as a 3 (for heat) and should have ordered 4... Most places have heat options (by heat I mean spice heat) of 1-5... so we usually do a 3. At Thai Kitchen we should have done a 4. The food was delicious though just not as spice hot as we like it.


Spring Rolls

Drunken Noodles

Red Curry

On the way home I ran into Home Depot to get a remnant garden hose because the Water Softener needs to be recharged.  I also grabbed a bag of fertilizer for the Palm trees so we can get them ready for summer when we will not be here. Then off to Ralphs for some salt.

Our neighbours Karen & Dave had quite a lot of issues with their Water Softener when they recharged it the first time and I fear it is because of the incredible hardness of the water here, so I bought 4 boxes of salt. 

I will try it the instructed way first and if that doesn't work I have the extra salt I need to do it again and I will dissolve the salt first. The garden hose is strictly for use during the Water Softener recharging process so that I can drain the rinse directly into the sewer instead of all over the lot. If the hardness causes problems it will only be while we are here in SoCal, once we return home the process 'should' be much simpler but we'll see how today works out. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A Movie and Dinner with Friends

Southern California is experiencing rain for a few days. Well so far it's really just been spitting - at least during the day anyway. So yesterday we decided to go see a movie - but first, my new phone arrived.

At 9am I went to the post office because my free phone from Bell had arrived. Their 'Loyalty' team had called us a couple of weeks ago to see if everything was okay and I restarted Brad's iphone line since it had come back to life after having coffee poured on it. We thought it was toast so I had it cancelled. I was sitting on my laptop doing something or other and a little box popped up that Brad's iphone was online... whaaaa?

Sure enough when I checked it there it was - barely holding on but I plugged it in and it started charging. So when Bell called (we've been with them for 12 years now), I had his phone restarted.

Bell: "Anything else I can help you with?"
Me: "Well actually yes, any chance I can get a free phone upgrade?"
Bell: "Sure, let me see what I can do...."

They could give me a free iPhone 6. Great! I don't need a fancy schmancy iPhone X or anything, just an upgrade from the 5... unfortunately, their system did not allow her to mail it directly to me in the States. So I had her send it to Brad's Mum who then forwarded it to me... Now I have it! Awesome.
Don't ask, don't get.

So after setting up my new iPhone 6 and transferring Brad's phone from the iPhone 4 onto my old iPhone 5 we decided to go see a movie. The Darkest Hour, What an AMAZING movie! Fantastic acting. It is about the early days of WWII from the perspective of Winston Churchill and the political chess match that was going on at the time.

I won't give away the details but I was watching this film thinking about my Grandparents living their lives while all of this was going on. My parents just babies at the time... 

When you consider that if things hadn't gone the way they did, I wouldn't be here to write this Blog. How awful that would be?! LOL

Also at some point during the day, Karen stopped by while she was out walking Cooper.


After the movie we met up with Karen, David, Bob & Barb for supper at Chili's. We had decided to have one last rah-rah before Bob & Barb abandon us Wednesday to head back home. I am so distraught about their departure that I completely forgot to take any pictures! We are definitely looking forward to seeing them next season, sure hope they can make it back into this resort.

Bob & Barb are such a fun couple. They have been married for something like 40 years!! Barb has clearly done a good job training him... I mean .... uh.... nevermind. LOL 

Please come back next year you guys!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

The PickleBall Challenge

We had such a fun time yesterday.

Bob & Barb met us at the PickleBall court, now that Brad knows how to play we decided the 4 of us would go and have a round. There was no one there when we arrived about 9:15am so we had the place all to ourselves, which is great!

We played 4 games, three with spouses opposing and one Girls against Boys.... us girls ALMOST won but the men came back and won it in the end... I'm sure they cheated LOL

Brad, Bob & Barb

Barb & Bob

Brad in Joker

Barb & Bob

Barb, Bob & Brad

Me, Barb, Brad and a portion of Bob in our lame attempt at a Selfie

Thats better.... Me, Barb, Brad and Bob

We decided to go to the 15th Hole for breakfast and while we had to wait 45 minutes for our order it was pretty good when it did arrive.

In the afternoon, Brad did a small bit of weeding and Barb came over to visit then Bob arrived on the golf cart with Harley (dog) and we all sat around and chatted for awhile before it was time for dinner. Bob & Barb had plans with their friends that they came into the resort to see and I had drumsticks marinating in Frank's Hot Sauce.

Can't wait to see these guys again next season. What a hilarious couple. Love them.

Karen, Dave, Brad and I are really going to miss them. They leave for home on Wednesday. I don't know who will be renting that spot next but I do know they have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Dinner with Friends and more PickleBall

I didn't write a post the other day and so I almost forgot to mention that we were invited to Bob & Barb's for dinner the other night, with Dave & Karen too. We had a great meal and of course, great company.

Sat around the fire pit for a while afterwards and really had a great time.

 Karen, Dave and Brad

Barb, Bob and Karen

Yesterday I took Brad to PickleBall and we played one game, I didn't want to over work him. He does have a bad neck and back from his time in the Military and we weren't sure how his body would react to the movements required of PickleBall. I think one game will likely be his full roster but perhaps he'll be able to do more as his body warms to the idea.

You try to be nice to some people and include them in the things you do and they beat you! Again, playing with 4 this time, he still beat us by 3 points with his partner Sandy.

In the afternoon he cleaned the golf cart and put more air in the tires. We took it for a drive before the sprinklers got at it again, we need to pick up some sprinkler barriers but keep forgetting. Definitely need new tires on that thing as they deflate after about 2 weeks.

While we were driving around he suggested we go to The 15th Hole for burgers instead of cooking at home, so off we went. Who am I to argue, I hate to cook. After supper we sparked up the inground fire pit and sat around it for about an hour before coming in for the night.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

PickleBall --- King? Or Teacher's Pet?

So I finally managed to get Brad over to the PickleBall courts and taught him the gist of the game...

After 'dinking' for awhile (term used to describe hitting the ball across the net - barely)... we decided to play a game. Now, to be fair there were only the 2 of us- not 4, and it was 27C (80F), so it was a little exhausting especially in the heat.

Naturally, he beat me 11-5!!! Aaaaargh.......... Clearly I am a phenomenal teacher!!!

Brad has happily agreed to come with me to PickleBall in the morning, and I have mentioned to Barb that perhaps Bob would come also.... With 4 people I'm hoping it will change things up enough that I can kick his a** next time.

Too hot to play another so we went to the 'owner's pool' for a swim. Met another couple there who were from Oregon ( a lot of Oregonians here). Seemed nice enough, apparently they go every afternoon so we will likely run into them again. They just bought their site a few months ago, after 'looking at' this resort for 3 years....

Brad went inside to do some more research so I took the Golf Cart and went to visit Dwayne and Patty but they were not home. So I spent the rest of the afternoon sprawled out on the loveseat outside with my e-reader under the shade of the umbrella.

I should forewarn you that I have been wearing shorts for 3 days now in an effort to put some colour on my legs. As I have worn jeans almost every day since I was about 12 they are bright enough to be seen by the International Space Station.... I'm sure NASA gets tired of the false alarms when I dare to bare my bright whites....

Just in case someone takes a picture of me I thought it would only be fair to give fair warning in case anyone reading future blogs has a heart condition. LOL

Monday, 5 February 2018


We decided to go to the Pechanga Casino yesterday. We've been to a few Casino's in our day.... and I hate them. Its too loud, I get waaaay too bored... and gambling has a history in my family dating back generations....

However, Brad enjoys the primary colours and the noise.... it ends in an argument every single time....

So we went for supper, Pechanga has a very large facility with tons of shops and restaurants, we chose a buffet restaurant and were seated. Our waitress was Donna, and she was fantastic. It wouldn't be fair for me not to mention her, she really was good.
Entrance from the carpark

This circle area was the dessert bar

Then we proceeded into the Casino area.....

For me, I only ever take $20 and in 2 minutes it's gone so I've learned not to even bother. So I'm standing there while Brad plays. We sat down at the first machine, lit a smoke (yes, we know) and he dropped in $100. Half way through the cigarette his $100 was gone. (that was a $1 machine). I happen to know it takes me about 3 minutes to smoke a cigarette... my back goes up - instantly.

We went to a penny machine and he put in another $100, he got some special spin thingy and was up to $130 so he cashed that out and I swapped him the voucher for another $100, that took longer (about 10 min) but then that was gone too... so he scrounged in his pockets and found another $40 plus the $30 he cashed out earlier.... well, I was fit to be tied. I'm bored, it's too loud for my brain and I just want to go home. Then this happened:

$40 left






He hit another special thingy and then another and then another...... etc etc etc.... he was up $300 (essentially breaking even) and I wanted to go...... he wanted to play....... after an hour he cashed out at $100...... having spent (blown, to my mind) $170....

Apparently, I'm a miserable you -know-what when he wants to play at the Casino... and to me he is an addict who can't stop when he's ahead. Neither of which is true..... I don't think. Sure we can afford to 'blow' a couple of C-notes but to my mind that's not the point.

We got back to the rig and spent about 2 hours watching TV to cool our tempers and then the whole thing blows over. No big deal but I don't think I'll be going anymore, it's just not worth the spike in blood pressure.

I had taken my e-reader but found it too loud to even bother and there were no seating areas like most Casinos we've been in for people to sit rather than gamble... so I'd have been standing while reading. Not exactly comfortable.

I don't like the concept of being manipulated to spend money, it happens often enough in daily life, to go to a building with flashing primary coloured lights and loud dingers seems too much like Romper Room and I find that insulting to my intelligence, I guess. My man loves it. Perhaps I need a magic mirror.....

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Princess Birthday and more pics from Lasagna Night

Today is Karen's Birthday! Happy Birthday old girl!!

So last night Barb and I arranged for a little party for Karen. We put together S'more stuffs and we all sat around Barb's fire pit talking, drinking and making S'mores....

Bob, Barb, Dave, Karen, Brad & I

S'mores time

Birthday girl, is officially 20 years old LOL

Barb made a Pineapple Upside Down cake

Not exactly a night on the town, but I think Karen enjoyed it

For her present we gave her a beautiful Orchid which colour coordinates to her build out, Red, Green and Yellow. I failed to get a picture of it in the dark but will endeavor to do so today. I spoke to her this morning and she plans to relax today before going out later and wants to play some Crib... but I have to let her win, since it's her Birthday! .... I'll try.... LOL

Barb also sent me a bunch of pictures from Lasagna Night, so I will include them here:

Ken, Marla, Myself and Richard

Marla, Myself, Richard, Terry, Brad, Bill, Jane, Dwayne, Patty and Lisa

Karen and Brent

Brad, Dwayne, Patty, Lisa and Bob

Barb and Dave

Brent, Bob, Brad and I

Bob & Brad

Myself and Brent

Karen when she was younger LOL

Lisa and Dwayne

I have to really work hard to remember people's names, especially in a crowd so forgive me for reiterating it all. It's good practice.