Thursday, 15 February 2018

A traumatic day for the heart

Yesterday, I woke up not even realizing it was Valentines Day! ....

I did my morning ritual on the computer and went to make myself stunning beautiful.... as I was getting in the shower, I sent a text to Bob & Barb to find out what time they were leaving so we could say our goodbyes. I thought they were going to be here until late morning.... I am putting the finishing touches on my personal work of art when I get a text from Barb.

Now. Come outside.

$*!%&... Brad literally has just climbed out of bed and now has to go outside... no coffee, no cigarette (yes, we know), pajamas... There they are, all hooked up and rolling. Absolutely heartbreaking. These two are the type of friends that you can just pick up with years later without missing a beat - you know the type. Fantastic people and we are so looking forward to seeing them next year.

Bob & Barb

I finish my stunningness and run off to PickleBall... where I was terrible. 3 games, lost them all... broken heart.

When I get home, Brad shocks the hell out of me by handing me a box of chocolates and a card! Bestest husband ever.... only problem is --- I forgot Valentines Day! Not that I forgot, I just thought it was still a week away.... Oops! We celebrate Valentine's Day as our Anniversary (13 years, btw) since we don't remember the date of our first date... somewhere towards the end of February, so we just use V-Day so ... we don't forget. Yup, I'm a heel.

Spent the rest of the day puttering around home and Brad gave Robbie a 'pretty' now he's beautified too.

Went to Temecula for a romantic dinner. We chose Thai Kitchen since it had good reviews. So glad we did. Thai Kitchen is a very nice restaurant with great ambiance, a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Our only issue was that we ordered our dishes as a 3 (for heat) and should have ordered 4... Most places have heat options (by heat I mean spice heat) of 1-5... so we usually do a 3. At Thai Kitchen we should have done a 4. The food was delicious though just not as spice hot as we like it.


Spring Rolls

Drunken Noodles

Red Curry

On the way home I ran into Home Depot to get a remnant garden hose because the Water Softener needs to be recharged.  I also grabbed a bag of fertilizer for the Palm trees so we can get them ready for summer when we will not be here. Then off to Ralphs for some salt.

Our neighbours Karen & Dave had quite a lot of issues with their Water Softener when they recharged it the first time and I fear it is because of the incredible hardness of the water here, so I bought 4 boxes of salt. 

I will try it the instructed way first and if that doesn't work I have the extra salt I need to do it again and I will dissolve the salt first. The garden hose is strictly for use during the Water Softener recharging process so that I can drain the rinse directly into the sewer instead of all over the lot. If the hardness causes problems it will only be while we are here in SoCal, once we return home the process 'should' be much simpler but we'll see how today works out. 


  1. The water at Jojoba Hills is so soft, they have to add hardness to it so that people can rinse soap off themselves! Must be a different aquifer than where you are.

    1. Well now that IS interesting....

    2. I am told that Jojoba's wells are much deeper than Rancho's and presumably this is where the difference comes in.


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