Saturday, 3 February 2018

Dinner and Cards

Spent the morning putting away all the stuff from the party Thursday night and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon reading my new Kobo e-reader.

Not sure I mentioned it but my old Kobo died a sudden death a few weeks ago. I went without one for a couple of weeks but being an avid reader, I was going wonky in the head without a book so I ordered a new one.

In the meantime, neighbour Barb allowed me to read a couple of hers. I easily read through a normal sized book in 2 days, which is precisely why I only read the free books. Sure they can be corny and stupid sometimes but a book is a book is a book.

Karen invited me over to play a game of Crib and Dave wanted to play the winner... I won both. Karen & Dave are really nice people and even though I beat them both at Crib (a game I just learned), they still invited us over for supper last night.

We had a lovely Roast Chicken meal and then went inside to play Kaiser, a game they have just learned. Karen & I won one, Brad & Dave the other. It was a fun evening and even though I had my phone with me I totally forgot to take any pictures... typical, I know.....

As far as we are aware Kaiser is mostly only played in Saskatchewan, no one else seems to have ever heard of it. Perhaps it's a Ukranian game, I do not know, but it's a really good game, so if you're a card player look it up, I have provided a link to the rules.

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