Friday, 2 February 2018

Lasagna Night

Several years ago Brad learned how to make Lasagna and has perfected his recipe over the years. Back at our house, he would make Lasagna and distribute it to several of our friends in the Harbour. Everyone loved it.

So when he got a hankerin' a few days back, we decided to have a Lasagna Night. We were expecting 16 people so he made 4 large batches. Some neighbours brought Salads, others brought Desserts and we had Garlic Bread, of course. Thankfully, everyone we expected showed up but we still have a good amount left over.

With the help of friends, we managed to create a table long enough to sit everyone at and after dinner we all sat around the fire pits chit chatting.

FL-FR: Dave, Cooper, Karen, Brent, Ken, Marla, Richard, Terry, Brad, Bill, Jane, Dwayne, Patty, Lisa, Bob, Barb

The pieces were massive and the Gut-Bashing Trophy goes to:>>> BOB! He ate 2 pieces!! Although the pieces were massive, when we cleared the plates, they were all empty. A sure sign everyone enjoyed it.

Getting to know each other

Enjoying the marshmallow pit, without marshmallows

Brad replaced the old rusted parts in the in-ground fire-pit which we intend to use for marshmallows - I had marshmallows but no sticks last night..... Anyway, everyone seemed to be having a good time and that's what gatherings are for.

Robbie relaxing after everyone had left.

Time to put our feet up and relax after a long, successful day.

We love that we can bring different people from all around the park (there are 600 sites, so it's quite big), who would not necessarily ever meet and expand social circles. It has been so long since we were able to bring a bunch of friends together and we have missed that more than we knew.