Thursday, 22 February 2018

Learning the hard way, Black Tank woes

So it turns out that Thor plumbs the bathroom sink into the black tank. Go ahead, ask me how I know this....

Since the water at the spigot froze the night before we decided to leave a drip on. Okay, so it was a teeny tiny stream but running was the point.... Woke up in the morning to find the bathroom sink half full of water. Wow, good thing I caught that before it overflowed!!!

Can't have my morning pee - guess why.... toilet bowl full. Clear water, but full nonetheless. Still having to pee, of course, I'm running around trying to figure out what the hell.... something froze? One problem at a time I think to myself. There is clearly a blockage in the sink line, so assuming something froze in there, I threw the kettle on for some hot water.

Run outside to check lines and drain hoses.... all good there. Back inside try to flush because damn it I have to PEE!! Black tank advises me (politely, at least) that it is full. WTF? Kettle ready so I dump it down the bathroom sink and Run outside and dump the black tank, now remember that I left the gray open.... aargh black was loaded for bear.

Back inside bowl and sink are now drained. Thank you! A girl has to pee when a girl has to pee. Closed the gray tank to collect water from the shower so I could rinse the hose after breakfast, which I did. Brad slept through the whole thing, Jus Sayin'...

Found out that THOR is their wisdom plumbs the bathroom sink and in some cases (not ours) even the shower directly into the black tank. THE SMALLEST TANK! I'd like 5 minutes with the genius who came up with that.

Fortunately, we were able to learn this the relatively easy way, but it could have been soooo very much worse.

Last night we left the kitchen sink to drip and the furnace which has a hose directed into the tank bay on and all is well in our world this morning.

Lesson learned: research the plumbing of your rig, do not make assumptions based on anything else.

And to add fuel to the fire, USA beat Canada in the Women's Olympic Hockey Final... Karen and Dave will never let us hear the end of that, especially since Brad made such a big deal about how Canada would beat them hands down.

The Weather Guessers are currently claiming a couple of cold nights to go, not below freezing but 0C/32F so rather than risk it I think we'll drip those nights too.

Now, about my legs. While I have sexy legs (not), after that walk with Roh, I was expecting them to be a bit sore, they were okay so I went to PickleBall the next morning. As soon as I got on the court, I felt them... not wanting them to 'atrophy' (my term, not technical- I assume you know what I mean) I've kept going each morning.... today, I'm staying home. Got to let them rest, I also have a sore spot around my right kidney too so that's that, staying put today.


  1. If I wasn't clear Have the Faucet drip not run and you only need one to do the job.
    Everyone I've ever know that leaves their Grey Tank Valve open end up with issues especially in cold weather. The cold air in your hose cools the Grey Tank which cools the Bay. Snowball effect even in warm weather.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks but I got that, just can't stand that incessant drip so a very slow stream works.

  2. We had a Thor Ace. There is a heat vent to wet bay. We would set our coach heat thermostat above freezing so it would keep inside plumbing and wet bay from freezing. Luckily we figured out the bathroom sink ran to black tank. We had discussed it on IRV2 forum with other Thor ACE owners. We are cold here in Casa Grande too.

  3. That was definitely a sad end to the Women's hockey game :-( It didn't get any better when the men lost to the US in curling this morning!

    1. That's for sure. However, if we don't let them win once in awhile they won't want to play with us anymore ;)

  4. You are so funny !!
    I chuckled all through your post.
    The real life follows us even on vacation.

    1. Well thanks Linda! Love it when people appreciate my sense of humour. So glad you found my blog, enjoy!


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