Monday, 5 February 2018


We decided to go to the Pechanga Casino yesterday. We've been to a few Casino's in our day.... and I hate them. Its too loud, I get waaaay too bored... and gambling has a history in my family dating back generations....

However, Brad enjoys the primary colours and the noise.... it ends in an argument every single time....

So we went for supper, Pechanga has a very large facility with tons of shops and restaurants, we chose a buffet restaurant and were seated. Our waitress was Donna, and she was fantastic. It wouldn't be fair for me not to mention her, she really was good.
Entrance from the carpark

This circle area was the dessert bar

Then we proceeded into the Casino area.....

For me, I only ever take $20 and in 2 minutes it's gone so I've learned not to even bother. So I'm standing there while Brad plays. We sat down at the first machine, lit a smoke (yes, we know) and he dropped in $100. Half way through the cigarette his $100 was gone. (that was a $1 machine). I happen to know it takes me about 3 minutes to smoke a cigarette... my back goes up - instantly.

We went to a penny machine and he put in another $100, he got some special spin thingy and was up to $130 so he cashed that out and I swapped him the voucher for another $100, that took longer (about 10 min) but then that was gone too... so he scrounged in his pockets and found another $40 plus the $30 he cashed out earlier.... well, I was fit to be tied. I'm bored, it's too loud for my brain and I just want to go home. Then this happened:

$40 left






He hit another special thingy and then another and then another...... etc etc etc.... he was up $300 (essentially breaking even) and I wanted to go...... he wanted to play....... after an hour he cashed out at $100...... having spent (blown, to my mind) $170....

Apparently, I'm a miserable you -know-what when he wants to play at the Casino... and to me he is an addict who can't stop when he's ahead. Neither of which is true..... I don't think. Sure we can afford to 'blow' a couple of C-notes but to my mind that's not the point.

We got back to the rig and spent about 2 hours watching TV to cool our tempers and then the whole thing blows over. No big deal but I don't think I'll be going anymore, it's just not worth the spike in blood pressure.

I had taken my e-reader but found it too loud to even bother and there were no seating areas like most Casinos we've been in for people to sit rather than gamble... so I'd have been standing while reading. Not exactly comfortable.

I don't like the concept of being manipulated to spend money, it happens often enough in daily life, to go to a building with flashing primary coloured lights and loud dingers seems too much like Romper Room and I find that insulting to my intelligence, I guess. My man loves it. Perhaps I need a magic mirror.....


  1. Replies
    1. And, not to rub salt in the wound, but your net $170 loss in Canadian dollars would be $212.85.

    2. Yeah, way to make me feel better Bill! LOL

    3. You're helping the U.S. economy. :^)

  2. My wife liked to gamble and she was some what lucky. She was a very hard working successful business woman and so the few times we would go to Nevada it was no be deal to me . I didn't gamble much but did people watch a lot. I just enjoyed the trip . Vern in Boise Id.

    1. I've tried to just 'be in the moment', don't know if it's the racket (pardon the pun) but I just can't do it.