Thursday, 8 February 2018

PickleBall --- King? Or Teacher's Pet?

So I finally managed to get Brad over to the PickleBall courts and taught him the gist of the game...

After 'dinking' for awhile (term used to describe hitting the ball across the net - barely)... we decided to play a game. Now, to be fair there were only the 2 of us- not 4, and it was 27C (80F), so it was a little exhausting especially in the heat.

Naturally, he beat me 11-5!!! Aaaaargh.......... Clearly I am a phenomenal teacher!!!

Brad has happily agreed to come with me to PickleBall in the morning, and I have mentioned to Barb that perhaps Bob would come also.... With 4 people I'm hoping it will change things up enough that I can kick his a** next time.

Too hot to play another so we went to the 'owner's pool' for a swim. Met another couple there who were from Oregon ( a lot of Oregonians here). Seemed nice enough, apparently they go every afternoon so we will likely run into them again. They just bought their site a few months ago, after 'looking at' this resort for 3 years....

Brad went inside to do some more research so I took the Golf Cart and went to visit Dwayne and Patty but they were not home. So I spent the rest of the afternoon sprawled out on the loveseat outside with my e-reader under the shade of the umbrella.

I should forewarn you that I have been wearing shorts for 3 days now in an effort to put some colour on my legs. As I have worn jeans almost every day since I was about 12 they are bright enough to be seen by the International Space Station.... I'm sure NASA gets tired of the false alarms when I dare to bare my bright whites....

Just in case someone takes a picture of me I thought it would only be fair to give fair warning in case anyone reading future blogs has a heart condition. LOL


  1. On the bright side (no pun intended), you won't need a flash camera.

  2. Yes, you *clearly* are a wonderful teacher but also, knowing you the way I do, I'm sure, out of the goodness of your heart, you also let Brad win his first game, you he wouldn't become disheartened with the whole thing ;) right? ; :D (hey, it's a good story...;) )

    Glad you guys are enjoying the warmth. Still cold and snowing here.


  3. We play pickleball every other day. Knees get sore! Playing with four is more fun.

    1. We're playing with the group now but that day I was just teaching him later in the day when no one was around.


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