Sunday, 4 February 2018

Princess Birthday and more pics from Lasagna Night

Today is Karen's Birthday! Happy Birthday old girl!!

So last night Barb and I arranged for a little party for Karen. We put together S'more stuffs and we all sat around Barb's fire pit talking, drinking and making S'mores....

Bob, Barb, Dave, Karen, Brad & I

S'mores time

Birthday girl, is officially 20 years old LOL

Barb made a Pineapple Upside Down cake

Not exactly a night on the town, but I think Karen enjoyed it

For her present we gave her a beautiful Orchid which colour coordinates to her build out, Red, Green and Yellow. I failed to get a picture of it in the dark but will endeavor to do so today. I spoke to her this morning and she plans to relax today before going out later and wants to play some Crib... but I have to let her win, since it's her Birthday! .... I'll try.... LOL

Barb also sent me a bunch of pictures from Lasagna Night, so I will include them here:

Ken, Marla, Myself and Richard

Marla, Myself, Richard, Terry, Brad, Bill, Jane, Dwayne, Patty and Lisa

Karen and Brent

Brad, Dwayne, Patty, Lisa and Bob

Barb and Dave

Brent, Bob, Brad and I

Bob & Brad

Myself and Brent

Karen when she was younger LOL

Lisa and Dwayne

I have to really work hard to remember people's names, especially in a crowd so forgive me for reiterating it all. It's good practice.

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