Thursday, 1 February 2018

Relaxing at The Ranch

This resort we have purchased in is called Rancho RV Resort and is referred to as 'The Ranch' by everyone around here.

We've had a quiet couple of days, just relaxing and spending time with friends. After the last couple of weeks we've had this relaxation time has been quite a change of pace. Our tans are coming along too. We are both of English heritage and are usually so pale astronauts can track us from space, so for either of us to have a tan is quite a shock. Brad has been wearing shorts the entire time, but I still tend to stick with my jeans.... once I get back to Canada I will do some shopping for summer attire.

If you recall, we didn't bring any summer clothes across with us, thinking we would pick them up once we reached the southern states. Unfortunately, they don't sell such items in Winter!!! LOL Not sure exactly when the Spring stuff comes out but I do keep looking just in case I can find something... so far not much. I do have 2 pairs of jean shorts but they 'feel' too short for some reason. Hey, don't judge, I'm not 20 anymore!

Yesterday when I was coming back from running an errand in Temecula, I saw these Sheep on the side of the road. Hadn't seen them before but they are only about a mile down the road from the Ranch. Brad was fixing our in-ground fire-pit, so we can roast marshmallows. Don't want that stuff dripping all over our new fancy shmancy fire-pit.

Today we are having a Lasagna night for all our friends. Brad is quite known for his Lasagna and he decided to do a Lasagna night... so he made the sauce up yesterday and today everyone will be over, many are bringing salads, etc. and it should be a good old time. 


  1. I always get my summer clothes in the US in the winter. Have you tried places like JC Penny.

    1. No, but I've been keeping an eye out wherever we go and haven't seen much. But then again I have not been 'clothes shopping' particularly.

  2. We had the same trouble with clothes the first winter we went south. We also found out that if you see something you like buy it because it never seems to be there the next time you look.

    1. That is how I found the few things I did. I know exactly where to go when we get 'home' and I have enough to get by with as long as it doesn't get too hot before April...


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